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Solomon Islands

Language: English
Currency: Solomon Islands dollar (SBD)

Information about Gizo

Gizo is a town located in the Solomon Islands that is fantastic for a soothing yet exciting vacation.  Gizo is a magnet for tourists because of the unbelievable surfing, snorkeling, and diving sites that it offers. The water is crystal clear and so inviting.  People who take a particular interest in history are amazed to discover that there are sunken ships and airplanes in the water from World War II. 

Toa Maru is a Japanese ship that rests almost 60 feet down in the water. Guests are pleased to spend their stays in lovely bungalows and take in the overall scenery which is an absolute tropical paradise. Shopping in Gizo is terrific as people from the Western Province create well-known carvings out of a variety of wood and stone.

Additionally, woven bags, baskets and mats are antique village arts and may be purchased by visitors. General stores are situated along the main street of Gizo and provide a spectrum of goods. Fresh bread is accessible each day. The markets offer fruit, vegetables and fish that are fresh and delicious. Gizo offers a wide range of restaurants featuring fresh seafood and fruit where guests may indulge in tasty meals.

The climate in this town is exceptionally humid throughout the year and there aren’t extremes in temperature or weather.  June through August tend to be the cooler months of the year. Gizo has so much to offer tourists with its beauty and activities; therefore, it is an optimum choice in vacation plans.  

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