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Terms of use (Part 2) for

The following terms and conditions are a binding contract between the “user” of and’s “administration.” Please read the terms in their entirety. You are responsible for your actions on in accordance with the rules and regulations outlined herein.

1. General Provisions

1.1. The website is a resource through which private guides and tourists can find each other, communicate, and hire private tour guide’s services individually. For the purposes of this contract, “” includes all pages associated with the site.

1.2. provides users the opportunity to register as guides and offer their services. The registration of users, where their tours and information show up, and in what order are at the discretion of administrators. Tourists can register and become users in order to search for pre-planned guided tours, contact guides to create unique alternative tours, and ask questions of guides living in the vacation destination before the tourists ever leave for their trip.

1.3. is not responsible for continuous access to the information available, for complete or partial preservation of the information placed on the site, or for any actions of the administration or third parties which result in total or partial damage, destruction, or alteration of private guide’s advertisements, information, digital files, or associated materials. Submission of information to is at the sole discretion of the user.

1.4. is not responsible for the actions of users, which are expressed in violation of the rights of other users or in breach of any laws worldwide. is solely a third-party entity helping to bring private guides and tourists together. Responsibility for all user actions on rests with the users. So please do not publish information that violates the rights or laws of others.

1.5. All users utilizing accept responsibility for their interactions, communications, and any contracts entered into. is not responsible for the actions of any users of this site, nor will we act as a mediator in regard to disputes. All legal recourse is in the hands of the users participating in the communication and contractual negotiations. As a user of, you accept and understand all risks and repercussions that may come from registering and using and agree not to hold, its administrators, its employees, or its affiliates liable for any reason.

2. User Rights

2.1. Authorized users may:

2.1.1. use all the services offered by the site, subject to the provisions of the law.

2.1.2. leave comments and address questions from other authorized users where relevant to the materials contained on

2.2. Authorized users agree to:

2.2.1. access and post only unique texts that do not have copies on other sites.

2.2.2. post at least 3-5 guides (1000 characters each) containing unique text with the free (temporary) registration.

2.2.3. not add information to which establishes or in any way alters this site’s liability under the laws of the Russian Federation.

2.2.4. specify correct information about the user in the user’s account and place accurate information on the site.

2.2.5. not process, distribute, copy, download, sell, or transfer material in whole or in part without the written permission of the legitimate copyright holder.

3. Administration’s Rights

3.1. The administration is:

3.1.1. able to, without notice, remove or block a user account and/or delete any material we determine violates the law or infringes upon the rights of individual persons or other users.

3.1.2. not required to explain refusal of registration to any users, including users whose accounts have been deleted.

3.1.3. able to use any and all information posted by users for the public to see. All public user-posted material can be used by, its employees, and its affiliates, in whole or in part, for illustrating, arranging, adding to, or modifying resource materials for marketing and sales in perpetuity.

3.1.4. not responsible for any use of information copied and posted by other users, or other material indexed or posted by search engines and other programs not affiliated with

3.1.5. not responsible for the accuracy or correctness of the information posted by users, but reserves the right to verify individual materials.

3.1.6. able to scrutinize and identify plagiarized copies of information provided by the user. If a violation of a copyright holder’s rights occurs on, we reserve the right to determine the severity and react according to the rights and laws of the Russian Federation.

4. Other Terms and Conditions

4.1. In the event of an emergency (natural disaster, technical failures, or other unforeseen events), the administration of does not guarantee trouble-free operation of the site or the safety of any material on

4.2. This agreement will come into effect the moment the user logs in and remains in effect indefinitely.

4.3. Administration may change the terms of the agreement unilaterally. The user will be notified of these changes with the help of technical capabilities and resources within the site such as pop-up notification messages or email notification to the user profile. The subsequent use of services (including changing information, viewing the site, and adding new materials or comments) after the receipt of the notification constitutes an agreement between, our administration, and the user that all parties accept and will abide by the terms of this agreement.

4.4. Registered tourists and guides agree to receive mailings and information and notifications via email. Although we would hate to see you go, to unsubscribe please click here or send an email to