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Private Guides directory represents
more than 890 private guides
all over the world!

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ABOUT US is your best resource for planning the ultimate traveling experience. Our website allows you to easily locate a knowledgeable and reputable private guide for your destination from anywhere in the world. Your visit to a new country will be a memorable occasion of wondrous discovery and enjoyment with the assistance of your own personal tour guide. A professional guide can direct you to the best hotels and restaurants, show you the most fascinating attractions and smooth the way through local customs and travel arrangements.

You may ask why you should hire a private guide for your vacation in a new country. Of course you may be able to research hotels and restaurants online at various travel sites, or study the local attractions and try to make all your arrangements on your own. But search websites, maps, travel brochures and guidebooks will never give you access to the kind of inside information that a local private guide can offer. A private guide will also eliminate the stresses and inconveniences that arise from not knowing your way around a new city, misunderstanding local dialects and from having to make all your travel arrangements, select accommodations, obtain tickets, choose the sites to visit and plan excursions.

Travelers who procure the services of a local private guide enjoy a smoothly organized vacation with interesting excursions that reveal all the delights and enchantments of your chosen city. Whatever your interests may be you can have your private guide plan tours personalized to your wishes. Professional private guides design private tours such as cultural tours, historical tours, culinary tours, fishing tours, nature tours and safaris, and even extreme adventure tours.

You can easily find private guides who provide services using the language you understand. Just select the language from the box to your right and you will instantly switch to another version of the site corresponding to the language you have just chosen. And you will automatically get to browse only through tours and guides using the corresponding language. This way it will be much easier for you to find the right guide and tour, and make your trip really memorable and exciting.

Our website is an easy and convenient method for obtaining the services of a professional private guide to your planned destination anywhere in the world. We’ve offered informative descriptions of many interesting and exciting tours in beautiful countries across the globe, where our private guides will help you plan a fabulous vacation using all their expertise and local knowledge to make your trip enjoyable and hassle-free.

Our website offers several convenient search tools to easily and conveniently connect you with a reputable private guide to your chosen destination:

For tourists

  • Guides & Tours:

    Select the country and city you intend to visit by choosing from the listed countries or clicking on the flag representing your destination country. You’ll find information regarding our private guides for this area, including ratings, reviews and licensure status.
  • Private Tours Quick Search:

    Search for tours of a specific nature in your destination country under categories of interest, such as cultural tours, shopping tours and nature tours. You’ll find descriptions of private tours and excursions in the area you’re visiting that will provide insight as to the attractions and activities that are available. (All guide and tour descriptions on our website are copyrighted.)
  • Ask the Guide:

    Get specific information regarding the location you plan to visit, travel arrangements and points of interest by selecting a specific country and guide and then submitting your questions. You’ll receive an accurate and reliable response from a professional private guide.

For guides

  • You found it!

    This is the ideal platform for private tour guides! Our website is the perfect place for both beginners and experienced tour guides. Here you will find customers who want to travel and explore the world. There is no limit to your success from positive feedback to return customers, the sky is the limit!
  • There is great demand for tours and excursions!

    Show tourists something different like the unusual excursions you offer. Do you have unconventional ideas? Are you a professional private guide that wants to invest in your future? Here you will be able to fully realize you’re potential. Here you will find your new clients.
  • Best Results Sales!

    Our system of ratings and reviews improves your competitive edge. No intermediaries, only direct contact between you and your potential customers. Everyone who loves to travel should be accompanied by a private guide. You need to be the private guide they choose.

Our private guides will help ensure that your next traveling experience is one of the most enjoyable and memorable occasions of your life. Wherever your travels may take you, we want you to get the most out of your vacation and have a pleasurable journey!