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Private guide in Cape Town, guided tours in Cape Town, South Africa

Private guides in Cape Town

Cape Town
South Africa

Population: 3,497,097
Language: English
Currency: Rand

Information about Cape Town

Airport - Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) (IATA: CPT, ICAO: FACT) is the second largest airport in South Africa. Major local airlines include South African Airways, Nationwide, British Airways. The airport is a 22km (14-mile) drive from the center of town, so it should take no longer than 20 to 30 minutes to get into the city and surrounds. Sea: Cape Town has a long tradition as a port city.
Shopping - The V&A Waterfront is the prime tourist destination for souvenirs, though these tend to be typically touristy (i.e. expensive and not necessarily authentic). More authentic curios for better prices can be found every Sunday at the Green Point market outside the Green Point Stadium on Sundays, in walking distance from the V & A Waterfront. For the real deal with authentic artefacts complete with provenance and ethnographic background, go to Church Street where there are a couple of shops but be prepared for sticker shock.


  • African Train Lodge - 3 Old Marine Drive, Monument Station, Cape Town, +27 (0)21 418-4890
  • Castle Inn Backpackers - 76b Darling Street, Cape Town, +27 (0)21 465-1662
  • An African Villa - 19 Carstens Street, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, +27 (0)21 423-2162
  • Daddy Long Legs Boutique Hotel - 134 & 263 Long Street, Cape Town, +27 (0)21 422-3074
  • Tudor Hotel - 153 Longmarket Street, Greenmarket Square, Cape Town, +27 (0)21 424-1335

  • Africa Cafe - 108 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town, +27 (0)21 422-0221
  • Bayfront Blu - Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town, +27 (0)21 419-9086
  • Baxter Theatre Restaurant - Baxter Theatre Centre, Main Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, +27 (0)21 689-5351
  • Biesmiellah - Corner Upper Wale/Pentz Street, Cape Town, +27 (0)21 423-0850
  • Jewel Tavern - Vanguard Road (Near Duncan Docks), Cape Town, +27 (0)21 448-1997
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