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Balearic Islands: 5 Popular Attractions

The Mediterranean Sea Archipelago, known as Balearic Islands, offers not only ones of the best beaches in the world, but also plenty of interesting landmarks. More than 20 million tourists have visited this place. But what attracts them and which places must be visited first? 

1. Dragon Caves,  Mallorca

The Porto-Cristo city is located on the east coast of Mallorca and it has been blessed by nature with a miraculous place- Dragon caves.  For a long time, this part of the island served as place where pirates kept their plundered treasures, gold and jewels. In 1896, during investigations, here have been revealed surprises created by the nature.  In the underground tunnels were found stalagmites and stalactites of different shapes. Also, in these tunnels are situated lakes, where sail boats with musicians and special backlighting creates a unique ambiance and mystique air.

Dragon Caves,  Mallorca

2. La Mola Lighthouse, Formentera

The smallest island is destined for people who want to leave everything and dedicate all the time to relaxation. But it can be combined with sightseeing. The landmark that must be visited on Formentera, is located on the highest point of the island, where in 1861 was built a lighthouse which became the symbol of Formentera. Jules Vern mentioned La Mola Lighthouse in his novel “Hector Servadac”, perpetuating it in literature.

La Mola Lighthouse, Formentera

3. Isabella II fortress, Menorca

Idyllic bays, interesting rocky formations and picturesque nature – are the main sights seen by the visitors of the Menorca Island. Isabella II fortress is located at the Mahon harbor’s inflow and is rather unexplored by tourists. The construction of the fortress began in 1541 but it was postponed as  inexecutable and as the result the island was captured by British. The construction of the fortress ended in 19th century and it is not the oldest construction in Europe. Every year in the fortress are held exhibition where artists and gallery’s owners from entire Menorca present their photos, sculptures and paintings. The architecture of the fortress and the picturesque landscape around it – are the main attractions.    

Isabella II fortress, Menorca

4. La Seu Cathedral, Palma

The capital of Malorca, due to its amazing history counts a great number of buildings which present interest from the architectural point of view. The cultural influence is reflected in the fascinating La Seu Cathedral. The construction of the cathedral began in 13th century, on the site of a mosque, and it was finished at the beginning of the 17th century. Today, this example of Gothic architecture is dominating the seaside of Mediterranean Sea like a fortress. This ponderous building can be seen from the open sea that is the reason why La Seu Cathedral became the symbol of entire Balearic Archipelago.

La Seu Cathedral, Palma

5. The train to Soller, Mallorca

The antique train that goes from Soller and Palma, offers one of its vintage carriages to the passengers. This route was introduced for local inhabitants, but is mainly used by tourists. The trip in this train takes you 100 years back in time, as it is jogging and slowly passing orange and lemon gardens, mountain tunnel and picturesque landscapes. You can get out at the station or you can reach Soller in an hour and walk along its busy streets.

The train to Soller, Mallorca

Article author: Nikos Stam

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