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If itís time for a holiday then South America is just what the doctor ordered! Relax to the rhythm of a Brazilian samba or Argentine tango. In this category you will find lots of interesting information about the traditions and culture of the South American continent, as well as stories from travelers who know firsthand about the sights and sounds of South America. Learn about everything from adventures in the Amazon to the unique monuments of prehistoric cultures in the Andes. And letís not forget the jungles of Venezuela and Colombia! Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is not to be missed nor the Beaches in Fortaleza (Brazil) and Valparaiso (Chile). And you definitely donít want to miss out on South Americaís capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires! Maybe you are attracted to a vacation in the Dominican Republic, a private tour in Peru, or the mysterious city of Machu Picchu? Come, read, select, and go on a journey accompanied by the best English-speaking private guides.

Dreaming of Rio

Dreaming of Rio

7/27/2013 Article author: Cathy Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

I have traveled extensively during my lifetime, and I am still amazed at what an enormous difference it has made for me since I began engaging the services of a local professional private guide in each of my destination cities. Previously I would find myself completely frustrated when I have attempted to navigate in foreign cities, struggling with language and directions, uncertain as to the best attractions I should see and having to take a gamble on choosing the right places to eat. Never again will I have to deal with these types of inconveniences!