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Planning to trek up Mount Kilimanjaro!! 5 Things You Must Know!

1: Safety first
There's no reason why a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro should be dangerous, but choosing a bad guide could make it exactly that. This decision is probably the most important one when you're doing your planning. After all, your guide will be responsible for your safety on the mountain, your comfort and your chances of reaching the summit. So, you need to make sure that they measure up on a number of fronts.

2: Book local. Be local!
Some people are more comfortable booking with local guide in their own country - but why? Many of the foreign-agency actually use local trekking guide to provide the guides on the mountain trekking, so booking with a Tanzanian guide for your Kilimanjaro trek means that everything is controlled and managed by them locally. And in this day of internet, tweeted, instagram, whatsapp and Skype, you can ask a Tanzania-based guide all the questions you want, whenever you want.

3: Plan ahead, book ahead! 
Book your Kilimanjaro trek well in advance and you will benefit from the advice of your Kilimanjaro guide. A good guide will be able to advise you on important matters such as getting fit, sourcing the right equipment, what to bring in your backpack. And by planning ahead, you will have time to do some practice walks, trying out your boots and specialist clothing.

4: Read the Testimonials.
However good your guide claims they are, you can get extra comfort from using the feedback given by those who've climbed with them before you. Don't just spend a few seconds on this. Read the reviews in detail. Have any concerns been expressed by visitors about safety, the food or the quality of the services on their Kilimanjaro trek! What are people saying about the quality of the mountain guides!

5: Climbing Kilimanjaro is challenging!

Remember that climbing Kilimanjaro is a serious exercise and a poor quality guide who doesn't pay attention to these matters may not get you to the top in comfort - or at all! If you don't like what you read, if you have concerns, then it is simply time to move on and find another guide.

A good guide has to care about your safety on the Kilimanjaro trek, and they will want you to be prepared before you arrive. They should have some information on how to be ready for your climb-of-a-lifetime. The mountain guides should be experienced and trained.

Article author: Dennis

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