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Answers about Peru


I would like to know more about the wonders of Peru, historical places which represent the Incas, lovely city sightseeing, cultural festivals where Peruvian dances and music like Huayno and Marniera are played. Any suggestions?

Gianmaria 2/17/2011
Private Guide in Lima
Elena (Private Guide in Lima) 2/17/2011:
Hi Gianmaria.
Peru is a country where many cultures melted along the history. The last was the Inca Empire. There are many historical places...each region has its own history and its own cultural legacy.
Some of the main destinations and important sites are:
Lima (the capital), Arequipa (Colca Valley & Canyon), Chiclayo (the Lord of Sipan), Cusco (Machu Picchu) Iquitos (the Amazon Rainforest), Puno (Lake Titicaca), Trujillo (Chan Chan), and much more.
Elena Fihman Lima, Peru

Private Guide in Cusco
Roger (Private Guide in Cusco) 2/17/2011:
Dear Gianmaria, the navel of the world acording to te Inca was Cusco, so In cusco and ints surroindings You will find many historical sites, some more known than others but, name slike Sacasyhuaman, Tipon, Pisac, ollanta, Pumamarca, Killarumiyoc, Rajchi, Qoricancha, Huchoy Qosqo, Quenqo.. are all worth visiting and are very near the city of Cusco..

Huayno is very much part of the musical expresion of the southern andes.. teh festival of Rajchi in June is a great gathering of musicians and dancers from various provinces of the Cusco region..

Marinera is a coastal musical expresion, and Lima, Trujillo and Lambayeque are the best places to see it... the Marinera festival 2011 just happened in the Gran Chimu coliseum in Trujillo during the lat week of January and the first two weeks of February, the next celebartion will be in September, for the spring parade..
Many Peņas, adn restaurants in trujillo presnta marinera dancers dayly as part of the entertainment..