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Hi, I sent an email from another site that is for you, but I am not sure that it is a current site, so am sending this one as well. I am taking my blind friend to the Maramures as she has a specific interest in working with traditional tools to produce products. I am hoping that you can help me with this by putting together a tour for us as you as the guide. We want to visit the villagers that still use the hand tools for weaving, carving, wool production, metal work etc.
Lee-Anne 3/11/2019
Private Guide in Maramures
Cornelia (Private Guide in Maramures) 3/11/2019:
Dear Lee-Anne,
Thank you for your message. Yes, I received your e-mail and I just replied. Please check your inbox. :)
Hi Andrei ..I am a walking guide in the Basque Pyrenees and am looking to go walking in your beautiful country for a week next year see the villages, monestries, landscapes ...Transylvania, Moldovia, carpathian mountains etc. I would love to walk betwen the villages and stay simply with local people ....eating local food etc. What are your suggestions. Best regards from the Basque Pyrenees
Georgina 10/10/2016
Private Guide in Bucharest
Andrei (Private Guide in Bucharest) 10/10/2016:
Nice plan. You need a car and guide even if you take a walking tour. Distances are great. I suggest you create your own draft itinerary then submit it to a active/mountain guide for amending. Many do it for free. You then decide what you think is best, go alone or hire a guide as such. I am sure you will work it out. Thanks and take care.

I want to take the bucharest to bulgaria tour on July 31st, but i'm traveling by myself. It's too expensive. Is there a way I can be put in a group tour?
Christian Onasis 7/14/2016
Private Guide in Bucharest
Catalin (Private Guide in Bucharest) 7/14/2016:

This is a cross border, taylor made, private tour.

We can do with you just a panoramic tour of Bucharest, which is less expensive, then you should take the buss to Sofia, and arrange the rest of your trip from there.

I can book you a quality buss ticket to Sofia if you wish


Do you offer custom itineraries? I will be in Romania in May and have a couple of days I would prefer to have my own guide and driver. Thank you!


Rob Ahrens
Rob 4/7/2014
Private Guide in Bucharest
Diana (Private Guide in Bucharest) 4/8/2014:
Hello David,

I am Diana Neculaescu, tour guide in Romania and I offer private and customized itineraries throughout the entire country.

You can provide me your travel dates and what sites you wish to visit and I will create an interesting itinerary. I will also advise other must see attractions and off the beaten path sites in the area.

If you have any questions about travelling to Romania do nit hesitate to contact me.

I am waiting for your answer.

Kind regards
Diana Neculaescu

Discovering the beauty of the Black Sea Coast is very appealing to me. Can you suggest me what scenic beauty can be seen and if there are resorts in this area? Apart from the Black Sea Coast, which other locations do you advice me to visit? How is the climate in Spring and Summer in Romania?

Sarah 3/3/2011
Private Guide in Bucharest
Daniel (Private Guide in Bucharest) 2/5/2014:
Dear Sandra,
thank you for asking,as a resort i can recomand you Mamaia to spend your holiday - in Mamaia you can find a lot of things that you can entertaiment(Hotels,Clubs,Restaurnts and places to spend fun moments from your holiday)-i can recomand you hotels as Rex,Palm Beach,Club California,Vega.
The wether for spring and summer there are not so long as in Greece...but very good, not so hot.
Also you can visit a lot of roman sites,but near Constanta you can find the saint Andrew cave,the saint who christianest the romanian people.
If you want also you can choose to go in Danube Delta for a few days trip.Trips you can choose also to go in Bulgaria,it is very near,around 60 km. from Constanta.
If you need more informations please don't esitate to contact me !

Best regards,

Phil (Private Guide) 6/5/2011:
Sorry that I'm answering so late,it's unpardonable.
In spring and Summer the climate in Romania is Ok, a bit too hot during summer.
On the Black Sea coast are several resorts, I reccomend you Mamaia or Neptun. The northern part of the Coast is wild and beautiful, but isolated. You should try to go to Sfantu Gheorghe (Danube Delta, where the river meets the sea), Vadu or Gura Portitei (accesible only by boat, between Razim Lake and the sea).
In Romania the most interesting things to visit are Southern Transylvania (Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov, the saxon villages and fortresses), Maramures (the wooden churches, the traditions), Bukovina (painted monasteries) and the mountains (Fagaras or Apuseni for example).
I hope that my answer is OK.
Best wishes

Private Guide in Varna
Victoria (Private Guide in Varna) 3/8/2011:
Hi, Sarah,
What I am about to offer you is practised often by people, willing to take advantage of the best to be seen in Romania and Bulgaria: After explorin the Romanian coastal line, the town of Varna in Bulgaria would be just 160 km away from Constanta. In Varna there is a lot to do and to explore - amazing resort by the sea, named Golden Sands, Greek, Roman (the fourth largest Roman Thermae in Europe)and Byzantine remainings, the oldest golden treasure in the world on display in the local museum, rural sites and much more...Let alone the fact that the world famous roseoil, used in many perfumes, is produced exactly in Bulgaria.
Just take a peep in some Bulgarian sites and you will be fascinated!
Best regards, Victoria Balezdrova

Private Guide in Bucharest
Istvan (Private Guide in Bucharest) 3/3/2011:
Dear Sandra,

If you want to experience a pleasant holiday at the Black Sea Coast(in a scenic beauty as you said) I suggest you to go to Sfantu Gheorghe, Gura Portitei or to Sulina. Those are small and remote villages on the sea coast, not crowded at all, there are more picturesque guest houses and campings instead resorts. From here you can go to day trips in the Danube Delta for birdwatching, fishing or just a simple boat trip in the Delta.
If you want to go to the modern resorts from the Black Sea Coast, we have plenty of them in Mamaia, Neptun, Costinesti, but here is relatively crowded and too expensive comparing with Bulgaria, Croatia or Turkey.
I suggest you to stay in Sfantu Gheorghe or Gura Portitei 4 days, in Bucharest 2 days, and from Bucharest to have a round trip in Transylvania, to Peles Castle, Bran Castle, Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu. The best climate for my suggestion is July-August, or the first week in September. It could be warm, or hot in July-August, till 35-36 degrees Celsius, but with the climate change from the last 15 years it could be mild and perfect weather too(between 28-33 degrees Celsius).

Daniel Gheorghita (Private Guide) 3/3/2011:
The Black Sea developed a lot in the last years, Mamaia being the most famous resort on the Romanian seaside. Despite this, I would advise you the wilderness seaside of The Danube Delta. It is much more beautiful, not crowded. You need to take the boat from Tulcea. The main places can be Sulina or Sf. Gheorghe.

As for other places, I would need an entire day to tell you everything. Anyway, you should visit Transylvania with its Germanic heritage and old Saxon medieval cities like Sibiu, Brasov or Sighisoara. You should see the most rural area of Romania in Maramures and the famous and unique Painted Monasteries of Bucovina. Of course, the famous Bran Castle, the real one or the tourist one. The Peles Castle is always a must a.s.o.