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Hello wanted to see if you are available for these days...airport transfers and guided tours for group of 15
sumeeta vasishta 5/16/2022
Private Guide in Palma de Majorca
Miguel (Private Guide in Palma de Majorca) 5/16/2022:
Thanks to contact me. I can arrange the airport transfer for your private group. It will be my pleasure to be your guide for your private group of 11 people but I need more details to give you a rate.
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I have a couple of friends who are staying in Malaga. Karen is Canadian and Theresa is german both speak english.

They are a bit over their head with this trip and are looking for an english speaking guide to assist them with some business they need to accomplish in the area?

Is this the sort of thing you can arrange?

Christopher 12/6/2021
Private Guide in Bilbao
Aitor (Private Guide in Bilbao) 12/6/2021:
Hi Chris,

thank you for your message.
I am only making private tours in the Basque Country, which covers cities like San Sebastian, Bilbao, Rioja wine area, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Biarritz... unfortunately, I can not help you in Malaga province or anywhere else around that destination. Regards,

Aitor Delgado
buenas tardes , quisiera que me cotizaras un tour para mi esposo y para mi por las mejores playas de malaga , recorriendo la costa y parando para conocer lo mejor de ellas , sus calles etc .
Yanelis 1/31/2019
Private Guide in Malaga
Maike (Private Guide in Malaga) 1/31/2019:
Muchas gracias!’en que fecha? Desde donde?
Gracias por aclararvestos detalles!
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I was wondering if you are able also to provide transfers?
We are looking for English speaking guides to drive our clients in Spain.
Best regards,
Niko 7/4/2018
Private Guide in Donostia-San Sebastian
Iker (Private Guide in Donostia-San Sebastian) 7/4/2018:
Hi Nico,

Thank you for contacting with me. It sounds interesting to me. Please let me know when you come to San Sebastian and we could make an appointment and discuss the points. We are a private guiding company based in San Sebastian.

Best regards

Iker Bardaji
Hello, is it possible to became a Tour in German?
Joerg 1/8/2018
Private Guide in Valencia
Elena (Private Guide in Valencia) 1/8/2018:
Dear Jörg,
Unfortunately, I do not speak German. But I know some guides who are very fuent in your language. If you let me know the date of the tour, I will ask them about their availability and will provide with their contact details.
Thank you,

Elena Planas
Official tour guide
I have never hired a guide previously.
What does it cost to have your services ?
Do you hire your services by the day by the hour etc.
You sound like fun that is why I am asking you.
Please forgive my directness.

Michael 11/28/2015
Private Guide in Valencia
Elena (Private Guide in Valencia) 11/29/2015:
Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for your email.

A private tour is always a very good option to enjoy a city as a local guide takes you to the interesting places providing the local point of view.

My services as a local guide depend on what the visitor is interested in. It could be a half day tour (up to 3,5 hours) or a full day tour (up to 7 hours). I could offer you a walking tour and a bike tour, too. Depending on your interests, we could visit the historic city center (including a guided tour inside the Cathedral, for example) and also the modern part of the city.

Cost of a tour:
half day (up to 3,5 hours): 200 Euro
full day (up to 7 hours): 340 Euro

My tours do not include transportation, but I could book a private car or bus for you upon request. Entrances to museums, lunch, souvenirs and other expenses are not included.

In my profile you can view some of the tours I offer but I could include other things you were interested in.

Should you be interested in booking a tour with me, please let me know the day you are planning to be in Valencia and also the number of people in your party. It would also be of help to know the things you are interested in so as to offer you the most suitable tour for you.

Hope this information is of help but please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further assistance to decide which is the best option for you.

Looking forward to your reply. Best regards,

Elena P.
Official Tour Guide
Valencia (Spain)
I would like to do a tour of north and north central Spain, starting in Bilbao, through Burgos,going up to Compastela de Santiago, back through Salamanca, stopping in interesting villages as well as cities.

What is the per-day cost for car and your services? (I assume you are also the driver, correct? if not, then please also include the per-day cost for the driver)

And are you comfortable covering this much territory?
David 1/22/2015
Private Guide in Bilbao
Aitor (Private Guide in Bilbao) 4/22/2015:
Hi David,
thank you for your message. I can go with you on this tour. I know those areas but of course, if you want details on each building and city local guides in each place will have more details.
I will need to have the number of people on your tour as well as the dates that you are considering. Kind regards,

Aitor Delgado
Hi Alex
I sent an email inquiring about a Jewish Quarter tour of Palma and received an email back asking to confirm my email again. We are 3 cruise passengers who will arrive in Plama on May 17th at 1 p.m. and will depart at 8 p.m. We are interested in either a private tour or joining another tour and would like to know the cost.

Thank you,
Robin Bours
Robin 1/26/2014
Private Guide in Palma de Majorca
Alex (Private Guide in Palma de Majorca) 10/7/2014:
The visit into the jewish quarter takes aprox 3 hours and costs 160 euros, in case you want me to quote a transfer from city the vessel to the city center and back no problem,.
Entrance fees are not included on the price
the price is not per person it´s the tour price
We on´t have by the moment any request for this date to share a tour
We are looking for the following for aug 19 private English or Spanish for 2 Pick up airport in Barcelona 10am Drive to Montserrat and see highlights Short sightseeing summary of Barcelona Drop off to htl by 5pm Pls adv cost. Thx!
Adolfo lenza 7/14/2011
Alex Steindorff (Private Guide) 7/14/2011:
Thank you for your inquiry.
I can pick you up at the airport and spend the day with you in Montserrat and Barcelona, leaving you at your hotel in Barcelona in the afternoon.
Cost: 320 Euro the complete day, including transportation by car, up to 4 people. Not included are meals, refreshments, entrance fees, if any.
Alex Steindorff


I would like to visit Spain during Easter time. I wish to see the celebration of La Semana Santa. In which Spanish cities is this event held and as I also love history, can you please tell me about museums and historical places which I can visit?

Thomas 2/16/2011
Private Guide in Barcelona
Cristina (Private Guide in Barcelona) 2/18/2011:
Hi Thomas,
Is is nice to see that you are interested on our Semana Santa. If you want to feel as a local and see the best Spanish Semana Santa, go to Seville. It is amazing! Regards, Cristina

Private Guide in Malaga
Eva (Private Guide in Malaga) 2/17/2011:
Hi Thomas, the parades , or processions of the Holy Week how we call them,are celebrated in the whole of Spain, but the most solemn and impressiv are the ones of Malaga and Seville. It is really not an event to be missed. Members of Religious brotherhoods, dating back to the 15th century carry big floats with images of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ through the streets.Sometimes they are carried by up to 250 men on the shoulders.
Both cities, Seville and Malaga have a lot of history, in particular Roman and Moorish, with very interesting sites, monuments and museums.Among others, Malaga has the interesting Picasso Museum , and Seville the second biggest art gallery of Spain, Museum of Fine Arts.
While here in the south, you should not miss Granada with the most beautiful moorish palace in the world,"the Alhambra", Cordoba , where you should visit the "Mequita", the mosque, built in 785, and Jewish quarter.That is only to mention some of the historical sites.
The South of Spain has many to offer, cultural, historic, botanic, and a beautiful and varied countryside.
I hope, my answer was useful to you, kind regards Eva

Private Guide in Palma de Majorca
Alex (Private Guide in Palma de Majorca) 2/16/2011:
In Spain almost in all the cities you have this celebration, of course the most famouse places are located in Andalucia South Spain, specially in Sevilla, but of course you will find "procesiones" all over the country.In Mallorca where I live there are several parades,On Holy Thursday there are processions in all Mallorcan villages, with traditional floats representing scenes from the martyrdom of Jesus, accompanied by hundreds of penitents. The procession in Palma de Mallorca is one of the most spectacular due to the vast amount of people who take part. On Good Friday the processions of floats and penitents are repeated, and the descent of Christ from the cross is acted out. The most impressive performances take place in Artà (grounds of Sant Salvador), Pollença (Oratori del Calvari), Felanitx (in front of the Church of Sant Miquel) and in Palma.

On the morning of Easter Sunday the Procession of Reunion is held; this involves the representation of the reunion of Christ with the Virgin Mary after his resurrection. Finally, on Easter Monday most villages have pancaritats, though others wait until Angel Sunday (the Sunday after Easter); this celebration consists of climbing up to hermitages and sanctuaries to spend the day in the open air.
regarding to museums and places there are several, our spectacular gothic cathedral, the bellver castel, valldemossa and its monastry where was frederic Chopin for a winter in Mallorca 1838-1839, contemporary art museum Es Baluard or Miro museum and his house, anyway if you tell me which places are you going to visit in Spain I can send you more specifically information, best regards from Mallorca and I really hope you to visit this great island with lot of culture and historical sites, charming villages, beautiful landscapes, a place not to miss, believe me.

Private Guide in Palma de Majorca
Miguel (Private Guide in Palma de Majorca) 2/16/2011:
The Holly week. The liturgical events begin on Palm Sunday with the blessing of palms, followed by a procession that represents the triumphant entry into Jerusalem by Jesus. This is held in all the parishes. This tradition is celebrated in the whole Spain, specially famous is the one of Sevilla.

In Palma de Mallorca, there are processions every day, from Palm Sunday to Good Friday, but the most important are the ones known as Christ of the Blood (Monday and Thursday) and Holy Burial (Good Friday), which are also held in nearly all the towns on Mallorca.

On Good Friday, the spectacular "Davallament" is held at the Calvari of Pollença: the procession with the image of the dead Jesus descends the Calvari hill down the 365 stone steps, bordered by Yew trees. We also recommend the "Davallament" in the Sant Salvador enclosure of Artà, the procession in Sineu, the "Davallament" in Felanitx and the celebrations that take place at the Lluc Sanctuary. But very impressive , a kind of medieval theatre is the one celebrated inside of the Palma Cathedral.
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Natalia López - Epin (Private Guide) 2/16/2011:
Hello Thomas, the Semana Santa is celebrated all over Spain but the nicest processions are in Andalucia. Every single town has processions but as they are organized by the differents brotherhoods, is in Seville, Málaga, Córdoba and Granada the ones having more than one in a day. I recommend you Seville or Málaga. It depends on your budget, Seville will be more expensive that week, in Málaga you can stay in an hotel far away and take the little train which links Málaga with the coast.The train that week run every half hour until 5 am.About museums and historical places!!! oh my God! have a look at there is too much to see.bye!

Private Guide in Malaga
Roland (Private Guide in Malaga) 2/16/2011:
Hi Thomas,
actually there are many cities in Spain, in which we celebrate our Semana Santa, but for me, the most impressive and most well known ones are in Sevilla and in Malaga.
It always depends, how you feel like, when describing or living these processions. Any citizen of any city in Spain might tell you, that their Semana Santa is the best.

Since I am based in Malaga, I can tell you, that we have the Alcazaba of the XI century, the Castle of Gibralfaro of the XIV century, the roman theatre of the I A.D., and museums like: Picasso, Popular Art, CAC, Foundation & Birthplace of Picasso, Thyssen museum, Automobile Museum, Crystal Museum, Fine Art Museum (near future). And this only in the Capital of Málaga.

If you come to Málaga, you are right in the center, from where you can travel to other cities in a day, like Seville, Granada, Ronda...

I hope that will help you out a bit.

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Descubrir Sevilla. Guided tours (Private Guide) 2/16/2011:
I'm sorry. I just do the visits in french or italian. Not in english. Some of the most importants celebrtion are in south spain, like Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, but also in Castilla there're interesting celebrations like in Zamora, it's completly different. Thank you