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Answers about Bosnia & Herzegovina

Hello, I was wondering if you had a package tour that incl medjugorie and the Bosnia pyramids. Thank you
michelle 7/28/2011
Anita Pehar (Private Guide) 7/30/2011:
Hello dear,
thank you for this question. Our agencies in Medjugorje do make a package tours that include Visoko (where the pyramids are) We can make a taylor made trip and I will be more than glad to be your guide in Medjugorje and take you to the Pyramids too. The package tour is usualy combined with several overnights in Medjugorje ( we suggest 2 minimum as in Medjugorje you do need time) and one to two overnights in Visoko or in Sarajevo depending on a size of the group.
If you need further details let me know.
Your Guide

Private Guide in Sarajevo
Jadranka (Private Guide in Sarajevo) 7/29/2011:
Hello, Michelle!
We can organize the tour from Sarajevo to Bosnian pyramides for groups and for individuals.For more informations you can contact us.
How is the weather in Medjugorje in Summer and which are the days when one can be present when the Blessed Virgin Mary gives her messages to the visionaries. Can you also mention to me some interesting activities that would appeal to young children?
Kind regards, Josephine
Josephine 2/17/2011
Anita Pehar (Private Guide) 2/17/2011:
Hello from Medjugorje!
Well, there is one word for the weather in Medjugorje in Summer - HOT! It is usually over 100 F,especially July and August although June and September can be very warm too. As far as the messages are concerned Our Lady gives message each 25th of the month to visionary Marija. You, however can not be present with Marija during those apparitions as they are private and only certain people are allowed in the apparition room / due to the space limit and the participation of the "must be present persons" such are some church people and translation group/. Also, out of obedience the visionary will not come to church or on church grounds thus limits to space.
If you are in the village on 2nd of the month it is possible that visionary Mirjana will have an apparition on the Hill as she does now and many times Our Lady gave a message for the people present during that apparition.. BUT Our Lady promised to Mirjana that she will see her on each March 18 as long as she is alive while the apparitions on the 2nd are special and we do not know when will they stop. It could be this month!
Also a prayer group meets on the Hills and on some nights pilgrims are invited to join them in prayer and sometimes Our Lady appears to visionary Ivan. Sometimes there could be a message for the people gathered in prayer.
SO all of these are your options but please bare in mind we are talking about apparitions of Our Lady, Mother of God and one can not speak nor treat it as some prearranged meeting. If God wills it it will happen if not then it will not be. We cannot promise nor organize anything in that regard. Not even a visionary can tell you much.
However, Our Lady is appiring to 3 visionaries everyday and if you are in Medjugorje during summer, when all three are present you can be sure you will be in the presence of Our Lady every day. All you have to do is to be in the church and pray :-) This is what we encourage our pilgrims to do be at mass, adoration, veneration, confession prayer short :Spend as much as possible personal time with Jesus.
Young children are usually pretty happy in Medjugorje.They love to climb the Hills and also love to be around the church /so you can take them to evening program/ as it is really spacious. During the day you could take them to "Sport's center" where they can enjoy at the pool or to St Frances Garden (the local park). Teenagers would enjoy our Youth Festival (see at over 50 000 participants last year 2010.
I Hope I have helped you a little
Best regards
Are there any amusement parks in Bosnia & Herzegovina that I can spend a day at? Our family loves rollercoasters and we are looking to see if this type of attraction is avaiable in the country. We are open to all types of amusement parks!
Jennifer Parker 1/31/2011
Anita Pehar (Private Guide) 2/1/2011:
Dear Jennifer, in our country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, one can not find a theme amusement parks with attractions linked to a certain film or cartooned character. Nearest one is in Istria (part of Croatia).But we do have a smaller, mobile amusement parks (called "luna park") which come to certain regions, near big cities like Sarajevo or Mostar for example, usually(but nor exclusive) during summer season or feast days. Also you will often find them near major tourist centers during season. They go from a small park with just a couple attractions like trampoline, train, carousel to bigger ones with "crazy spin" and whatnots. I think the oldest one is "BOLERO" luna park, maybe it is the biggest too.I just remember this from when I was a little girl.I used to have keys from certain attractions as the luna park was "parked" near my house.Those were the days... I hope I helped you a little,and I wish all the best,lot's of fun to you and your family.Hope to see you soon :-)

Private Guide in Sarajevo
Jadranka (Private Guide in Sarajevo) 1/31/2011:
Hi, Jennifer! There aren't any parks with rollercoasters in B&H ( not yet :) ), but there are many other interesting places that are worth to visit! National parks - mountains, rivers, lakes, nice cities with mixed oriental and central european architecture. Rafting, hiking, paragliding, culinary workshops, walks, visit mountain villages and more. Welcome!
Jadranka Suster, Licensed tourist guide for English, Russian and Czech,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina