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Language: Albanian
Currency: Lek (ALL)

Information about Berat

Located in south-central Albania on the banks of the river Osum, is Berat. The Tomorr Mountains, pine forests, historical interest and unique architecture make Berat a wonderful place to visit. It’s known as ‘The City of a Thousand Windows’ as buildings and houses boast large windows to take in the spectacular view. In 2008 the city made it to the UNESCO World Heritage List. As one of Albania’s oldest cities, it has been listed as a ‘Museum City’ since 1961.

The mountains in Berat have a story according to Albanian legend. The Tomorr Mountain was a giant who fought with Shpirag (another mountain) over a girl. They both killed each other in the battle and the girl drowned in her tears which became the Osum River. The Berat Castle is one of the cities most visited attractions. The castle dates back centuries and includes a fortified courtyard. The Lead Mosque is another prominent landmark and the Church of St. Mary of Blachernae contains many murals from the 1700’s.


Stay at the Tomorri Hotel to enjoy views of the famous Tomorr Mountain. It’s a popular hotel that attracts people from across the globe. It has communist style architecture and is surrounded by palm trees.  Built in 1975 it is busting with experience, service and tradition. 

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Private Guide in Berat - Isuf

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Hello Everyone ! Im Isuf and im 26 years Old . I live inside the Castle Of Berat. Living inside in one of the biggest Historical Sites made me since i was young to have a passion about the History and Archaeology of My country .So my passion became even more strong during the Master Studies .

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