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Christine - Private Guide in Sydney

Private Guide in Sydney
 Member Since 2016  Country: Australia City: Sydney Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: NO Languages: English

Languages: English

My name is Christine and I started this business to provide a VIP service company that guides and hosts visitors in Sydney into having a memorable experience of Sydney. Instead of shopping alone or climbing the bridge alone - they have a friend for a day:)

Rainy Day Friend is your own personal guide to the best Sydney has to offer. Who better to show you around than a local? There’s so much to do in Sydney, it’s hard enough to know where to start when you live here, let alone when you’re in town for a visit or have only a half day or a few hours to immerse yourself in Australia’s most vibrant capital city. That’s when you need a Rainy Day Friend. Someone who knows the best places, the inside gossip and where it’s all happening. A person who, unlike shop assistants, has no agenda when it comes to answering your question about whether or not vibrant yellow really is your colour. Whatever your idea of a perfect day out in Sydney is, a Rainy Day Friend can help you make the most of your time.

You can choose from any of our packages, from the arts to adventure. Explore Sydney from Bondi to Darling Harbour, the city to Manly. You can choose from any of our packages, or mix and match. Perhaps you prefer to keep it simple, meet for coffee, a movie or dinner. Maybe you want to pack as much as possible into your day. Perhaps you’d like to put together your own itinerary. Whatever your preference, Rainy Day Friends can provide you with a unique experience tailored to your specific interests, in Australia’s most vibrant and diverse capital city.