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Private Guide in La Paz - Gustavo

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Tourism student, i was born and grew up in La Paz my dear city. History, culture and chemistry lover. I have learned so many things about my culture and i have visited almost every place in my city that i feel...

Private guides in Bolivia


Capital: La Paz
Language: Spanish
Currency: Boliviano (BOB)
Calling Code: +591


Originally part of the Inca Empire, Bolivia’s mountainous terrain houses a rich native heritage with ruins and temples still standing today. Located centrally in South America, the Andes flow through a large section of Bolivia, but the country is also composed of salt flats, Amazon rain forest, dry valleys, and even tropical savannas. 

Bolivia’s climates range from high, moist altitudes to rain forests, temperate zones, and even parched deserts. With such an abundance of choices, be sure to check where you are visiting before choosing what to pack.

The primary highlights of Bolivia are its culture, abundant market towns, and beautiful scenery. The historic cities still use original cobblestone streets and exercise local traditions going back centuries. The varying climates make each city unique unto itself, giving it a charm and atmosphere that is unmatched. A wonderful visit to the bustling markets in La Paz will definitely need a place on your agenda. Or, the underground history and silver mines in Potosi might be more your speed.

There are also all kinds of outdoor adventures available in a variety of climates. Discover natural moon-like landscapes in the Valle de la Luna, the backbone of Bolivia in Sucre’s startling white landscape, and the verdant wildlife all around. Hike and ride across the varying terrains, searching for the nearly extinct pink flamingos of Bolivia, sloths, spectacled bears, and even the pink Amazon River dolphin. In Bolivia, there is an assortment of animals to pique most nature lovers’ interests.

Questions about Bolivia
Hello, I love skiing, and was thinking about the Andean Mountain. Are there resorts, and perhaps any organized skiing sport? Can you advice me about La Plaz city attractions, please? Thanks, Steve
Joel David (Private Guide) :
Hello Steve in Bolivia now we don`t have skiing resorts we had but we lost this can we offer some trekking an climbing in ours mountains. if you have any question write me? Joel David (Tour Guide)