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Private guide in Mostar, guided tours in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Private guides in Mostar

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Population: 128,448
Language: Bosnian
Currency: Kuna (HRK)

Information about Mostar

Mostar is a city and municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the biggest and the most important city in the Herzegovina region and the center of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of the Federation. Mostar is situated on the Neretva river and is the fifth-largest city in the country. Mostar was named after "the bridge keepers" (natively: mostari) who kept the Stari Most (Old Bridge) over Neretva river. During the Ottoman era, the Old Bridge was built and became one of the symbols of Mostar. The bridge was destroyed by Croatian Defence Council units during the Bosnian-Herzegovian War, on November 9, 1993 at 10:15 am. Slobodan Praljak, the commander of the Croat forces, is on trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia for ordering the destruction of the bridge, among other charges.

Private Guide in Mostar

Private Guide in Mostar - Amela

(Member Since 2018) Languages: Bosnian, Croatian, English,Italian

I'm a certified/licensed tour, highly knowledgeable, experienced, dynamic and very enthusiastic about her job! I provide professional but yet custom-made private tours as well as many group tours to the visitors of my city.

Private Guide in Mostar

Private Guide in Mostar - Almira

(Member Since 2010) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Mostar Languages: english, french, italian, spanish, russian, turkish, scandinavian, german, humgarian

We are from Mostar this year,like past years, gives tho the tourist market new offers and arrangements to individuals and groups. We offer you ideal combination of prices,comfortable accommodation,transport, as services of professional guides,with rich varieties of field trips.

Private Guide in Mostar

Private Guide in Mostar - Tamara

(Member Since 2016) Languages: german,english

I am an experienced LICENSED TOUR GUIDE for Herzegovina region. I am also owner of the travel agency "Carlatours” located in Citluk near Mostar. At the moment we have 2 of our employees ,which are here at your service. We cover great range of services: travel guide-services ,agency staff assistance during your stay, - superb range of hotel accommodation , excellent choice of buses and mini-buses. Before I opened the travel agency I had worked as an translator for German language for tourist and local people, which gave a lot of experiences.

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