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Private guides in Denmark

Private Guide in Copenhagen

Private Guide in Copenhagen - Denmark

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My name is Annette - I am a private English speaking guide. I can offer You walking tours combined with water bus. And sightseeing tours. I have worked as a independent guide in Roskilde, the former Capital...

Private Guide in Copenhagen

Private Guide in Copenhagen - Grethe

(Member Since 2007) Languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German

Hello, my name is Grethe, and if you're looking for an experienced private guide in Denmark, I'm just the person you're looking for. I was born in Copenhagen, and with nearly forty years of working as a licensed guide in this city, I can tell you everything you would like to know about the capital, its famous inhabitants, history and traditions Denmark is known for.

Private guides in Denmark


Capital: Copenhagen
Language: Danish
Currency: Danish krone (DKK)
Calling Code: +45


The Kingdom of Denmark is a Scandanavian country in Northern Europe between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea that consists of a peninsula called Jutland that shares a border with Germany and two major islands, Fyn and Sjaelland. Denmark lies between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, with over 7,000 miles of sandy beaches along its coastline. The country’s temperate climate creates pleasant weather for beach going during summers for German tourists, and winters are fairly mild. Denmark’s northern location means that daylight hours in summer are long, with a 4:30 am sunrise and sunset around 10 at night. Winters are rather dark, however, with only eight hours of sunlight a day.

Denmark is often called “The Fairytale Country,” mainly because of the Hans Christian Anderson stories, and children who visit Copenhagen love to explore the Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale House. His birthplace, Odense, hosts the Hans Christian Anderson Museum.

One of the major attractions in Copenhagen is the magnificent Tivoli Gardens, which although it is a fantastical pleasure gardens it is also the world’s second oldest amusement park, attracting over 4 million visitors every year. The Tivoli Concert Hall and the Pantomime Theater help make this place extraordinarily popular for the Danes and for many European visitors.

Historically, Denmark is known as the home of the Vikings. The Viking Ships Museum in Roskilde displays Viking ships from the 11th century, and Aarhus has its own Viking Museum with artifacts excavated nearby, including Viking human remains. The Viking cemetery in Lindholm Voje is an eerie but fascinating attraction located near Aalborg, with a museum displaying bronze jewelry and other Viking artifacts.

Many tourists participate in tours along what is known as the Marguerite Route, a trail through Denmark that passes over a thousand notable landmarks and attractions, including Tavoli Gardens, the Den Gamle By open air museum in Aarhus, the Experimentarium Science Centre of Copenhagen, and Rosenborg Castle, former residence of Danish royalty. The MonsKlint chalk cliffs are another must see site along the Marguerite Route.

Denmark’s most notable accomplishment is that of being ranked as the world’s happiest country.

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