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Majestic Palaces of Marrakech

Walking tour in Marrakech

Tour Price : $98 Duration : 3 hours Languages: English Discount: not providing

Prepare to be dazzled on a comprehensive tour exploring the exquisite palatial architecture of Marrakech! On this all-day experience, we will immerse ourselves in the outstanding craftsmanship, intricate details, and inspiring atmospheres of three renowned palaces.

Our journey begins at the lavish Bahia Palace, one of the most magnificent examples of 19th century Moroccan design. Spread across acres of lush gardens are beautifully decorated halls, courtyards, and fountains, each complementing vibrant tile designs and painted decor. Intricate zellij and carved cedarwood are masterfully employed throughout this regal complex, which served as both a royal residence and meeting point for political and cultural figures. Plan to spends hours admiring the harmony of shapes, colors and architectural styles that converge within these ornate walls.

Next we journey to the serene oasis of the Badia Palace, located just outside the medina's bustling souks. Nestled amidst flowing orange groves are airy pavilions, reflecting pools and tranquil walks lined with sculpted shrubbery. soaking in fragrant blossoms and sound of trickling water restores the senses. This carefully manicured haven, offers a poetic contrast to the Bahia's lavish spectacle, crafting a peaceful escape from the city buzz.

Our final destination, Dar El Bacha, promises yet another glimpse of original Moroccan design. Situated within the medina's historic Kasbah district, its thick cedar doors open to salons embellished in elaborate zellij and sculpted wood carvings that dance upon ornate moldings and arcaded ceilings. Artistry is infused into every corner of this storied residence, from finely tiled courtyards to salons brimming with architectural flourishes. Drinking in the ambiance of these storied salons will leave you in awe of the creative talents that shaped their splendor.

Throughout the day, I will share insights into architectural styles and cultural histories that influenced each site. From the intricacies of Moroccan-Andalusian design fusion to tales of political figures who once called these palaces home, contextualizing narratives bring the buildings to life. This in-depth tour promises to be a highlight of your Marrakech experience, enlightening your understanding and senses through an inspirational showcase of artisanship at its finest. Your jaw will surely drop time and again at the unmatched splendors that await discovery in each palace!

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Tour information:
Tour Price: $98
Duration: 3 hours
Group Size: 2 tourists
Languages: English
Tour package includes:
Airport Transfer :NO
Hotel pick-up:NO
Drop-off :NO
Tour Transportation (car, van, limo, boat, etc…):NO
Food and Drinks :NO
Other services (fees apply):
Attraction tickets (concerts, theater, museum, circus...) :NO
Translation services :NO
Reservations (hotels, restaurants, airline) :NO
Visa support :NO
Additional information:
This tour must be booked at least 7 days in advance of your travel date :YES
Tour groups must include a minimum of 2 passengers :NO
Tour prices are flexible and based on your requirements :YES
This Tour is Kid Friendly :YES
Attractions:Bahia palace