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Population: 94,216
Language: Dutch
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Alkmaar

Settled in the 10th century, Alkmaar began as a group of close villages that over time have connected with canals and drawbridges, trams and trolleyways to become a vibrant economic and cultural center of the region. Alkmaar is also surrounded by a diversity of natural attractions that include beaches, forests, dunes and nature reserves, and water all around!

One of the most popular tourist attractions throughout the Netherlands is the traditional Dutch cheese market at the Waagplein in municipality of Alkmaar. About 100,000 visitors come on Fridays during the market season from mid-April through mid-September. Visitors enjoy touring through the Cheese Museum in the Weighing House, which dates back to 1390. 

Other interesting attractions in the Alkmaar area include the Leeuwenburg (Lion’s Castle), Wildemanshofje (Wildeman’s Courtyard), and the Kruithuisje, an 18th century gunpowder storage cellar. Visitors also enjoy the Fish Hall, Excise Tower, and the beautiful gabled houses of Old Town.

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