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Population: 89,891
Language: Spanish
Currency: Nuevo Sol

Information about Huaraz

Huaraz is a city in Peru, mostly sunny and dry throughout the morning and cold during the night.  It is an optimum place for tourists to visit.  Huaraz is home to a spectrum of museums.  The Archaeological Museum of Ancash is extremely fascinating. 

This museum offers three levels that are separated into four rooms.  Each room contains a display of cultural expressions created by the various human groups have inhabited the Ancash Region.   The Monolithic Park is considered to be the largest stone park in South America. A great sightseeing destination is the Museum of Ancash.  This museum has many important objects of the Recuay culture and Monolithic Park is a part of this museum.   The Monterrey Baths are relaxing for guests with their hot springs said to have medicinal benefits.  Huaraz offers winter sports as well as warm-weather activities.  

The mountain peaks can be seen from the city, allowing for gorgeous scenery all around.  Mountain climbing is a pastime in the region among avid climbers.  Huascarán National Park is a desirable destination for travelers to visit.  Vendors in the vicinity sell goods such as ponchos, fabrics, and jewelry made of copper, silver, and tin, and a wide assortment of traditional food products that are sought-after by tourists.   

Huaraz possesses the Cultural Center of Huaraz which is one of the most expansive theaters in Peru.  Cuisine in Huaraz is widely varied and delicious, making it simple to satisfy everyone’s tastes.  Why not make Huaraz the spot for your upcoming trek.

Private Guide in Huaraz

Private Guide in Huaraz - Gilf

(Member Since 2012) Languages: english spanish quechua

I am a Ofittial Mountain Guide from Huaraz , working continuosly since 1992 in Mountains of Peru. With licenses and training such as: Mountain Paramedic, Driver license, Mountain Rescue courses, fire man forest organization. I was President of Guides in 2001 , becaming as the Best Tourism Organization in my area..Working as Teacher in " Eleazar Guzman Barron " Institute for Tourism Guides , Actually I am the head of organization of the Huascaran National Park ( Managing Comitee).

Private Guide in Huaraz

Private Guide in Huaraz - Rodolfo

(Member Since 2014) Languages: spanish english

Each year I assit to rescue course it is organized by Association of Mountain Guides Peru. I live in Huaraz Peru it is interesting amazing place located 408km north of lima. huaraz is the principal town for many expeditions for cordillera blanca cordillera huayhuash cordillera raura.

Private Guide in Huaraz

Private Guide in Huaraz - Octavio

(Member Since 2016) Languages: English, Spanish and Quechua

He was Born and raised in the small village of Yarush in 1987, at the foot of the Cordillera Blanca, his passion for mountains started in his adolescence. In 2003, he developed an interest for rock climbing, together with his brother Eloy.