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Private guide in Puno, guided tours in Puno, Peru

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Population: 100,168
Language: Spanish
Currency: Nuevo Sol

Information about Puno

Airport - The nearest airport: Inca Manco Capac International Airport (IATA: JUL, ICAO: SPJL), is an airport situated in the city of Juliaca, thirty minutes from the city of Puno. Also you can travel to and from Cuzco by train. Other trains travel down to Arequipa. The rail trip from Puno to Cuzco, which is run jointly by Peru Rail and Orient Express is spectacular, one of the world's great train journeys.
Shopping - Puno is one of the better places to load up on inexpensive woolen and alpaca goods, including hats, gloves, scarves, shawls, and blankets. They are cheaper here than in those cities, although you might not encounter the quality found at some upscale shops. The open-air market just beyond the railroad tracks has a couple dozen stalls specializing in alpaca and woolen goods.


  • Don Victor - Melgar 166, Puno, 051/366-087
  • Hotel Colon Inn - Calle Tacna 290, Puno, 051/351-432
  • Hotel Italia - Jr. Teodoro Valcarcel 122, Puno, 051/367-706
  • Hotel Libertador Puno - Isla Esteves s/n, Puno, 054/367-780
  • Plaza Mayor - Jr. Deustua 342, Puno, 051/369-089

  • Apu Salkantay - Jr. Lima 425, Puno, 054/363-955
  • Incabar - Jr. Lima 356, Puno, 051/368-031
  • La Casona - Jr. Lima 517, Puno, 054/351-108
  • Restaurant Don Piero - Jr. Lima 348-364, Puno, 054/351-766
  • Rico's Pan - Jr. Lima 371, Puno, 054/363-955

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