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Bonzour and meet Pascal and our team, your local connection in resplendent Seychelles! Pascal is the director working on Mahe Island alongside Lisa and Suzy, Didier and Terry are based on Praslin Island, and...

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Capital: Victoria
Language: English
Currency: Seychelles rupee (SCR)
Calling Code: +248

CAPITAL CITY OF Seychelles: Victoria
LANGUAGE OF Seychelles: English
CURRENCY OF Seychelles: Seychelles rupee (SCR)

Seychelles, officially the Republic of Seychelles, is an archipelago nation of 155 islands in the Indian Ocean
Best Places : Berjaja Mahé Beach
Eat : fish, red snapper, Collect coconuts, Mahe, anse du soleil
Calling code : +248
Time zone : SCT (UTC+4)
A lengthy struggle between France and Great Britain for the islands ended in 1814, when they were ceded to the latter. Independence came in 1976. Socialist rule was brought to a close with a new constitution and free elections in 1993. The most recent presidential elections were held 31 August-2 September 2001. President RENE, who has served since 1977, was re-elected. On 14 April 2004 RENE stepped down and Vice President James MICHEL was sworn in as president.

CLIMATE OF Seychelles: tropical marine; humid; cooler season during southeast monsoon (late May to September); warmer season during northwest monsoon (March to May)
RELIGION OF Seychelles: Roman Catholic 86.6%, Anglican 6.7%, other Christian 2.5%, other 4.1%
POPULATION OF Seychelles: 81,188 (July 2005 est.)>>
CULTURE OF Seychelles: The folk music incorporates multiple influences in a syncretic fashion, including English contredanse, polka and mazurka, French folk and pop, sega from Mauritius and Réunion, taarab, soukous and other pan-African genres, and Polynesian, Indian and Arcadian music. A complex form of percussion music called contombley is popular, as is montea, a fusion of native folk rhythms with Kenyan benga developed by Patrick Victor.
ECONOMY OVERVIEW OF Seychelles: Since independence in 1976, per capita output in this Indian Ocean archipelago has expanded to roughly seven times the old near-subsistence level. Growth has been led by the tourist sector, which employs about 30% of the labor force and provides more than 70% of hard currency earnings, and by tuna fishing. In recent years the government has encouraged foreign investment in order to upgrade hotels and other services. At the same time, the government has moved to reduce the dependence on tourism by promoting the development of farming, fishing, and small-scale manufacturing. A sharp drop illustrated the vulnerability of the tourist sector in 1991-92 due largely to the Gulf war, and once again following the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks on the US. Growth slowed in 1998-2002, and fell in 2003, due to sluggish tourist and tuna sectors, but resumed in 2004, erasing a persistent budget deficit. Tight controls on exchange rates and the scarcity of foreign exchange have impaired short-term economic prospects. The black market value of the Seychelles rupee is half the official exchange rate; without a devaluation of the currency the tourist sector may remain sluggish as vacationers seek cheaper destinations such as Comoros, Mauritius, and Madagascar.

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