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Wasim - Private Guide in Damascus

Private Guide in Damascus
 Member Since 2009  Country: Syria City: Damascus Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: NO Translation Service: NO Languages: English

Languages: English

Excursions, trips, nightlife, shopping all this and more - I can help you see Syria in a different way.
I'm also able to take you around Tartous. I m orginally an Artist so I can guide you to valuable/ancient arts in Syria. The art of Ancient Syria is among the oldest in the Near East, dating as far back as 7th millennium B.C. Syria was ruled by numerous kingdoms throughout antiquity including the Canaanites, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Hittites, and later the Persians, Greeks and Romans. Each of these diverse civilizations brought with them a unique culture and artistic style, as evidenced in the ancient site of Ugarit, making the art of Ancient Syria rich and varied.
Amongst the things you can do and see in Syria are :
Visit Damascus (Old Town):
Umayyad Mosque
The National Museum of Damascus
Sayyida Ruqayya Mausoleum
Takiyya Suleimaniah Souq
Souq al-Bizuriyyah (Sweet Souq)
Al Azem Palace (Palace of As'ad, Pasha al-'Azm)
Souq al-Hamidiyyeh
Old City
Mount Qassioun (Jebal Kasioun)
St Ananias Chapel
Hejaz Railway
Bimaristan an-Nuri
Saladin (Selahedin) Mausoleum
Damascus Center
Fortress Wall
The Arc Gate
The Citadel
In Tartous
You can take a boat trip to Arwad Island