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Private guides in Tahiti

Private Guide in Papeete

Private Guide in Papeete - Carine

(Member Since 2010) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Papeete Languages: English

We are the first registered travel agency exclusively dedicated to the luxury yacht owners and charter guests wanting to visit Tahiti and her islands. We has opened in 2003 as a registered activity desk...

Private Guide in Temae

Private Guide in Temae - Tahiti

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Temae Languages: English

We are the superyachts' guide specialist in VIP customized dive, snorkelling and eco tours in Tahiti and her islands. When mentioning this part of the world, eyes often glitter. Thus, our broad knowledge of...

Private guides in Tahiti


Capital: Papeete
Language: French
Currency: CFA franc
Calling Code: +689

CAPITAL CITY OF Tahiti: Papeete
LANGUAGE OF Tahiti: French
CURRENCY OF Tahiti: CFA franc

Tahiti lies in the South Pacific. It is the largest of the 118 islands and atolls that comprise French Polynesia.
Cities : Papeete (capital), Faa'a

RELIGION OF Tahiti: Christianity is the main religion of the islands, with a majority (54%) belonging to various Protestant churches and a large minority (30%) being Roman Catholic.
POPULATION OF Tahiti: Total population at the 2002 census was 245,405 inhabitants, 83% of whom are Polynesian, 12% white, and 5% East Asian (mainly Chinese and Vietnamese). In 2002, 69% of the population of French Polynesia lived in the island of Tahiti alone. The urban area of Papeete, the capital city, has 127,635 inhabitants (2002 census). French is the official language of French Polynesia. An organic law of April 12, 1996 states that "French is the official language, Tahitian and other Polynesian languages can be used.">>>>>
ECONOMY OVERVIEW OF Tahiti: French Polynesia has a moderately developed economy, which is dependent on imported goods, tourism, and the financial assistance of mainland France. Tourist facilities are well developed and are available on the major islands. Also, as the noni fruit from these islands is discovered for its medicinal uses, people have been able to find jobs related to this agricultural industry. The legal tender of French Polynesia is the CFP Franc. Agriculture: coconuts, vanilla, vegetables, fruits. Natural resources: timber, fish, cobalt. The major export of French Polynesia is their famous black Tahitian pearls.

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