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Private guides in Uzbekistan


Capital: Tashkent
Language: Russian
Currency: Uzbek sum (UZS)


Uzbekistan is considered to be the region’s cradle of culture for more than two millennia. Besides that it is the proud home to a great variety of unique monuments all of which are deeply infused with the fascinating history of the country.

There are three must visit places in Uzbekistan – Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand. It could be said that these names practically epitomize the region creating the images of serpentine desert caravans, knife-twirling dervishes and architecture that blends with the sand. These three destinations are often called the Big Three of Uzbekistan. Seen in person they don’t disappoint, on the contrary they seem to overshadow the country’s other attractions, which include ancient fortresses such as the one at Nurata, dazzling bazaars, and a great variety of unsung natural attractions.

The Uzbek people are considered to be good-spirited and genuinely hospitable – one more irresistible attraction in this wonderful country. There’s no other place as evocative of the legendary Silk Road as Samarkand. For the majority of people it appears to have the mythical resonance of Atlantis. It is fixed in the Western popular imagination by playwrights and poets of bygone eras few of whom had an opportunity to see the city in the flesh.