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Private guides in Venezuela

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Private Guide in Caracas - Angel

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Venezuela is one of the most ecologically rich and diverse countries in the world but the pressures of population and the economy threatens many of Venezuela's natural wonders. However, private and...

Private guides in Venezuela


Capital: Caracas
Language: Spanish
Currency: Bolivar (VEB)
Calling Code: +58


The country of Venezuela has mostly tropical weather, but can be more moderate in the highland regions. Located in the northern part of South America, the country borders the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, making it an ideal vacation spot for water sport aficionados. On white-sand beaches, you can sail, kayak, swim, water-ski, windsurf, and do just about every other water sport known. 

For fans of exotic wildlife, see parrot, angel, and trumpet fish in the wild as you snorkel in the coral lagoon of La Cíenaga. Tour the northern Andes, the Amazon Rainforest, or the great expanses of fertile plains. There is a tremendous variety to be seen, from caiman crocodiles, the green anaconda, and the world’s largest rodent, the capybara, to jaguars and howler monkeys. Passionate travelers interested in natural wonders often visit Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall. Or take a six-day tour in the Andes to the regions of Mérida and Los Llanos in western Venezuela.

If cultural cities are your main interest, Colonia Tovar still retains much of its German heritage in traditions and architecture carried over in the mid-nineteenth century. Or visit the center of Coro, a colonial settlement on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. For a more modern twist, Caracas is a metropolis bursting at the seams with culinary delights, an active nightlife, and a multitude of well-known museums.

Venezuela has something to offer everyone. While deciding on your next vacation destination, look through the tours being offered here at Private Guides.

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