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Private guides in Yemen

Private Guide in Sanaa

Private Guide in Sanaa - Fuad

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After nine years of pioneering custom guided tours of Yemen, I founded company in 2000, at a time when tourism in Yemen just began to take hold. My intention was to allow foreigners the unique opportunity to...

Private guides in Yemen


Capital: Sanaa
Language: Arabic
Currency: Yemeni rial
Calling Code: +967


Yemen could be metaphorically called the poor cousin of the Arabian Peninsula, which however doesn’t mean that it is devoid of its own unique charm. Yemen doesn’t have the oil wealth that abounds at its neighbours and thus it is like a time capsule to the old Arabia.

If you care to get acquainted with Yemen’s history you would find it quite similar to old Arabic legends. Did you know that Noah launched his ark from here, from Yemen? This journey into the past can bring lots of significant figures to the surface, for example the Queen of Sheba who once ruled the land and brought the country dazzling wealth from the frankincense trade. They say that the best time to visit Yemen is the period between October and March. San’a is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Yemen. It is a 2500-year-old ancient city mentioned in the Unesco World Heritage list.

There are more than 14,000 ancient buildings to discover in San’a. Impressive, huh? The famous mud villages of Wadi Hadramawt are also worth seeing, especially Shibam, which has been dubbed in the “Manhattan of the Desert”. Yemen boasts excellent cuisine, so if you get a chance to visit this country don’t think twice before eating salta – a piping-hot meat stew with beans, lentils, fenugreek and coriander.