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Spain Seville
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Antonio - Private Guide in Seville
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Customer's Opinions about guide from Seville, Spain

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, United States, Lombard, 2014-10-14

Antonio never showed even though our group of 8 had booked his services for a private tour of Seville more than 5 months in advance of visit. Not only was he a no show but has failed to respond to repeated requests for an explanation. In over 9 years of international traveling with frequent use of private guides, Antonio's stiffing us is a first. If this is indicative of how he treats people willingly interested in using his services, I'm uncertain as to what kind of tour one could expect to receive.

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, Egypt, Dar-as-Salām, 2009-03-01

I used the help of private guide Antonio Doblas during my trip in Seville, Spain. I want to thank him for his professionalism and work, his excursions are magnetic and didactic. He tells about Seville as about the only city in the world. It's interesting to listen to Antonio. Want to visit Seville with my wife next time - and of course I hope to travel with Antonio Doblas.

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, Canada, Winnipeg, 2008-07-14

Seville is the best city in the world! We had a tour with Antonio Doblas. Perfect guide to my mind. He knows about Spain, about Seville so many facts! He can tell about every corner in Seville! It's amazing!
What about city - I didn't think that it was so nice:) Old houses, narrow cobbled streets where you expect to see ancient carriages:) All these charm and appease at the same time:)...

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, United States, Simsbury, 2008-02-27

We had the wonderful pleasure of touring Seville last week with Antonio and cannot say enough about him. He is amazing, has a command of nearly any subject you can imagine regarding Seville and, more generally, Spain too. We were fascinated to hear about historical, cultural, architectural, religious and the many other facets of the tour. With 2 teenage sons, he was flexible in adapting the tour to our interest level, and we left feeling like in just 4 short hours we gained a strong sense of Seville, its people, and its sights. We highly recommend him to you.