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Customer's Opinions about guide from Bucharest, Romania

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, Ukrain, Poltava, 2009-11-11

Our tour turned out very informative! I understood that 10 days for such vacation is too little. We took a walk along the Brasov streets, went skiing, looked at monumental buildings of Bucharest, visited the cave of Pestera Ursilor, drifted on catamarans...Next time I will arrive in Romania for complete 2 weeks. I am sure I will return here again.

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, USA, Salt Lake City, 2009-09-01

Bucharest is a green city, where it is possible to find the great number of sights and parks. I liked the arch (almost as triumphal in Paris), monument to the feeding wolf, and also, certainly, striking for its sizes and pomposity Folk House. Thanks to Eduard Popescu for his professionalism and ability to organize such informative tours.

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, Mexico, Acapulco, 2009-07-12

An idea of a country on 100% depends on a guide, presenting this country. We want to express enormous gratitude to our guide Eduard. Due to competent, careful and punctual approach our tour was so interesting and charming, that the best word, characterizing it, is a delight!
About Romania - I liked this country. In our tour Eduard showed this country in full! It's very interesting country with specific history to my mind, all cities we visited had specific unique auras.
The program is very good in general. It is planned well. I am very glad that my acquaintance with Europe was begun exactly with Romania.

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, Russia, Stavropol, 2009-07-03

The tour is remarkable! Thank you Eduard for interesting and very informative excursion in the Apuseni Mountains! all was as in a fairy-tale, really! all this beauty! all is perfect! A journey is a fairy-tale! THANK YOU!

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, Argentina, Buenos Aires, 2009-05-28

I must say - that Eduard is a very professional guide. He can plan the excursion so that we can't waste any time. It's really good, because we wanted to see as much as possible.
So ... my impressions about mysterious country Romania:)
Brashov - I liked this city, first of all by its atmosphere, there is a possibility to rest, to take a walk on old streets, to eat national kitchen in numerous cafes and restaurants. What about sights - I liked The old town hall and central square around it, - there were no wonders in them, but they were beautiful.
Rasnov - there is a fortress on the mountain above the city. This fortress looked nice and designed beautifully inside.
The Bran Castle is very great to my mind - it is worth to be seeing without doubt.
In Sinaia I liked very much The SINAIA MONASTERY - it is very beautiful with its unique Romanian church architecture and painting of walls.
Actually we with Eduard saw a lot of interesting and beautiful places. All that I can say now - you should see it with your own eyes. Thank you, Eduard

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, Argentina, Rosario, 2009-05-17

We traveled in Romania with our private guide Eduard Popescu. We chose the tour Return to the Middle age because to our mind it included all that we wanted to see in Romania.
The capital appeared before us in all its grandeur!
We like Brasov very much. Its outskirts are interesting because of The Medieval Fortress of Rasnov Azuga and the Bran Castle. The Bran Castle amazes because of its ancient interior and royal beds.
Sinaia is interesting because of its Royal Palaces, of the mountains' greatness.
Now we think about one more tour in Romania someday to see what we could't see last time.

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, Czech Republic, Ostrava, 2009-05-10

Romania amazed me with its originality. Romanians do not aim to be like other people, live their own lives. Everywhere is cleanness.Even modest house looks very well-groomed. Due to our guide we fully submerged in the mysteries of Romania, were inspired with legends of this country.

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, Hungary, Szolnok, 2008-07-19

I travelled in Romania for the first time. Very experienced, knowing his work guide - Eduard Popescu. Our tour Return to the Middle Ages is magnificent, the whole Romania possesses some magnetism. All unbelievable castles, fortresses of Brasov, Rasnov, which I saw just on TV, give the special charm.
In whole the tour is very good. I want to point out the professionalism of Eduard and his ability to work. Everything is very efficient, without a flub. Thank you.

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, Turkey, Konya, 2008-07-15

I am very grateful to Eduard Popescu for his charm and friendliness. He is a very nice man. He showed us Bucharest in all is beauty! It's very cultural capital! There are a lot of educational establishments and museums. It's very interesting to visit all of its sights! Thank you.

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, Estonia, Tallinn, 0000-00-00

Why Romania? I don't know.. maybe because I liked the stories about Dracula in my childhood and decided to see everything with my own eyes... don't know.
Our trip with Edward was very interesting. All was at the right time and in the right place. During the whole our tour, Edward always told us interesting stories and jokes. All was very informative. The whole Romania is an unforgettable fairy-tale, BUT most of all I liked an old small town Sighisoara. For that time, that we walked on his streets, I had time to fall in love in him, Sighisoara became ingrained and our hasty departure, indeed made me upset. Visit Sighisoara, let it rule your heart and leave almost unnoticeable track in it.
Thank you Eduard, that this small town is in your excursion program and you allow us to see it.