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Top-6 tourist-free beach destinations in Europe

We bet everyone dreams of spending his/her summer vacation taking sun bathes on some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean coast. However, there’s one big problem – most of the popular sites are overcrowded by thousands of tourists and those who enjoy more sequestering sites just don’t feel comfortable there. So where should they go in order to have a great vacation on the wonderful Mediterranean coast and avoid coming across crowds of other tourists? 

Murcia (Spain)

When you think about Spain, you involuntarily imagine not only the magnificent Spanish sceneries but also the overcrowded seaside during the summer months. However, it’s not the case with Murcia – it is a wild land of more than 200 km of quiet beaches. Situated between Valencia and Andalucía, Murcia appears to be extremely attractive because there are less tourists then in the neighbouring cities. It doesn’t mean that Murcia is less picturesque, or you won’t find there typical Spanish features. On the contrary it has a wide coastline covered with white sand, historical villages, wine factories, and excellent food. You won’t have to sacrifice your peace of mind for the varied vacation. You will be enchanted by its blossoming meadows, rocky coast, lagoons and natural parks. 

Murcia, Spain

Vis (Croatia)

Most of the cities in Croatia are perfect for visiting all year round, except for the summer months when they are overcrowded. That’s why a tour to the Balkan island Vis, which is situated not far from Split, will be the best solution for you. Its charming and tourist-free beaches will be a great and comfortable ark of refuge for you. You can rent a bike or a scooter and visit a couple of interesting places during a single day. There are lots of beautiful bays on Vis. Most of them have inimitable beaches with crystal clear water and shallow end. The island has incredibly beautiful nature – you would be amazed at the gorgeous sceneries at some of its beaches (Zaglav, for example). Only here you can enjoy seclusion and swimming in crystal clear water at full. Besides that you can visit the tourist city Mlini which is famous for its medieval churches and calm atmosphere. 

Vis, Croatia

Corsica (France)

Nowadays Corsica is considered to be the most secluded Mediterranean island. Picturesque sites and idyllic beaches are found even in its most remote corners. The Corsicans are so proud of their coast for a reason. The famous Palombaggia beach has become the foundation for that pride. It is surrounded by numerous pine trees and mountains and its clean sea with a shallow end is perfect for tourists with kids. There is a group of uninhabited islands not far from the beach.

Corsica, France

Calabria (Italy)

It may come as a surprise for you but picturesque beaches of Calabria are not considered to be the leaders of mass tourism. The region, which is often called the “Secret Italy” is proud of its soft sand, blue waters, rich culture and history. It is hard to travel to Calabria if you don’t speak Italian; however some people are even attracted by this fact. Calabria is the place where you can enjoy calmness, seclusion, harmonious atmosphere and the well-know spirit of true Italy. 

Calabria beaches

Alonnisos (Greece)

Those who enjoy swimming won’t find a better place to swim than the waters surrounding the Greek island of Alonnisos. In the island chain of Sporada archipelago this place is the less visited. There are very few people, who know that the water is warmer cleaner and more transparent here than in other regions of Aegean Sea. You’ll find more beaches in the eastern coast and all of them are overcrowded. As for the north and west of the island it has some really picturesque and secluded beaches, which are hard to reach. Inaccessibility of this place guarantees you a wonderful vacation away from mass tourist sites. 

Alonnisos (Greece)

Andros (Greece)

Andros is a one more secluded island that is easy to reach: it is situated relatively close to the Athens. Among numerous overcrowded beaches of the island there are several secluded ones, such as Hora. It is situated not far from the capital of Andros and it is divided into some isolated sites. The most secluded of them is Lidi. Those who are fond of fishing will definitely appreciate the beach called Fellos. It is worth noting that this beach is also suitable for traditional beach pastime – swimming and taking sun bathes. There’s also a remote bay Kaminaki which is not so popular among the island’s visitors and consequently not equipped properly, but it is highly appreciated by those who prefer seclusion over noisy tourist crowds. 

Andros, Greece

Article author: Joe Sorenno

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