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Population: 3,920,222
Language: English
Currency: Taka (BDT)

Information about Chittagong

Chittagong is a city that is located in southeastern Bangladesh and holds a tropical monsoon climate.  There is so much to see and do in this alluring city, causing it to be an extremely great place in which to vacation.  Heritage Park, called Mini Bangladesh, boasts an avant-garde restaurant that revolves while guests savor their top-notch meals.  Imagine dining while sight-seeing at the same time, never having to leave the table. 

The most famous of museums is Zia Memorial.  This museum is positioned in the port city of Chittagong.  It characterizes gorgeous architectural features of South East Asia. The structure was built on a small mount in 1913 as the terrain of the city possesses a generous sprinkling of hills.  A wonderful place to take in the sun, and the breathtaking sunsets, too, is Patenga Beach.  It is a popular notion among local residents that Patenga is the optimum location to purchase appealing and scrumptious food from street vendors at inexpensive prices.  Butterfly Park is a fantastic place to visit as it has a colorful and pretty butterfly theme with more than 4,000 live butterflies.  

Foy’s Lake is manmade and it includes an amusement park with rides, hosts concerts, fun activities, boat excursions on the lake, as well as restaurants.  The culinary choices are varied and all of the establishments in this awesome city are places where guests are able to enjoy great dining. Chittagong, without a doubt, is an optimum destination to land upon when arranging a vacation agenda.

Private Guide in Chittagong

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