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Private guides and guided tours in Japan

Private guides in Japan

Private Guide in Tokyo

Private Guide in Tokyo - Japan

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Osaka, Tokyo Languages: English, Japanese

Warm greetings from us. We are an accredited full service travel company. With our 27 years of experience serving thousands of travelers, our team of Japan Specialists will provide you with top level customer service both before your departure and throughout your stay in Japan

Private Guide in Hokkaido

Private Guide in Hokkaido - Bike

(Member Since 2010) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Hokkaido Languages: English

Our goal is to provide you with an unparalleled cycling and holiday experience. All of our bike trips combine authentic cultural encounters, great Japanese food, charming accommodation and quiet roads with...

Private Guide in Tokyo

Private Guide in Tokyo - Harry

(Member Since 2010) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Tokyo Languages: English

I enjoy creating tailor-made private tours for my guests so you travel at your own pace, focusing on the things that interest you. I will research your areas of interest and make suggestions that will ensure you have the most satisfying holiday possible. I can help you to book optimum hotels for you as well, because I worked at travel company about 5 years.

Private guides in Japan


Capital: Tokyo
Language: Japanese
Currency: Yen (JPY)
Calling Code: +81
Guide Licensing Information


The country of the rising sun is the chamber of exquisite exoticism. Modern Tokyo and picturesque province, snow peak of Fuji and sakura in blossom, wonderful beaches of the Okinawa Islands and ancient monuments of Shintoism – all this is Japan. It goes without saying that Japan is one of the must visit countries.

This incredible country is a mixture of modernity and traditions. Ancient pagodas and the gates of spirits could be found side by side with mirror skyscrapers, modern and expensive spa saloons two steps away from national baths. Some people call Japan a fantastical mix of the oriental heritage and achievements of the West. Some people are attracted by the unique architecture of Japan – the world-wide known Golden Pavilion, Imperial Palace, and lots of other ancient temples. 

Children would definitely find Japan fascinating. There is no other country with so many entertainment parks for children. Among them are Disneyland, Disney C, Universal Studio and lots of others. It is worth noting that Japan is an expensive country, and there’s no such notion as the cheap season. That’s why Japan is visited mostly by wealthy tourists who have been travelling a lot and are looking for something new to explore and experience. 

Private Guide in Osaka

Private Guide in Osaka - Koji

(Member Since 2015) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Kyoto Languages: Japanese, English, Italian

Hi!, my name is Koji Matsuda, a nationally certified English-speaking guide. Let me welcome you to Japan and be your Private Guide in the Kansai or Kinki) region of Japan's main island of Honshu.

Private Guide in Osaka

Private Guide in Osaka - Mikan

(Member Since 2006) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Osaka

Hi! I am Mikan I'm a licensed English-speaking guide and I organize walking tours everyweek in Osaka. Osaka is not a popular tourist destination but you can find a lot there. In Kita area, you can learn...

Private Guide in Kyoto

Private Guide in Kyoto - Mike

(Member Since 2018) Languages: English

I am a licensed tour guide with 4 years of experience in Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. Over the years I've guided 200 solo or group tourists from various parts from abroad, including US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, UK. Belgium, Germany, , France, Spain, Italy, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India.

Private Guide in Tokyo

Private Guide in Tokyo - Steve

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Tokyo Languages: English

We aims to please the travel adventurer who seeks more than a cookie-cutter tourist package. Travel with us to savor the authentic flavors of Japan. My name is Steve.We are my company and my passion. I think...

Private Guide in Kyoto

Private Guide in Kyoto - Toshiyo

(Member Since 2021) Languages: English Japanese

Hi! I'm Toshiyo . Please call me Toshi. I was born in Japan and have lived in Vancouver, Canada for about 10 years. I'm a National Government Licensed Guide, guide trainer a professional program organized by Kyoto city, English teacher,translator, professional breakdancer, and father of two young kids.

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Guide Licensing Information for Japan

Japan is one of the most visited countries in the world. According to the statistics it attracted approximately 9 million foreign visitors in 2008. Japan has lots of monuments and landmarks to be proud of: all in all it has 16 World Heritage Sites, including historic monuments of Ancient Kyoto and Himeji Castle.

Only Kyoto receives more than 30 million tourists each and every year. Among other popular places are the following ones: Nara, Tokyo, Mount Fuji, ski resorts such as Okinawa, Niseko. Besides that you can also take advantage of the hotspring network and improve your health. However, the impression of this wonderful and undoubtedly beautiful country might be spoilt if you come across a non professional guide who is interested primarily in making money and not helping the tourists. In order to ensure that something like that never happens the representatives of the Ministry of Tourism in Japan impose certain rules and regulations over guiding activity.

Only licensed guides are allowed to work in this sphere. In order to get a certificate all the guides-to-be are obliged to go through a period of training and then pass an examination. 

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Is English widely spoken in Japan if not do I really need to learn the Japanese language before traveling there? I only know how to say hello and goodbye but I really want to be able to experience authentic Japanese culture. I am worried that I will not be able to communicate with ...
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