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Holland - Private Guide in Amsterdam

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  We offers sightseeing tours and excursions in and around Amsterdam and Holland. We also offer private sightseeing Netherlands tours, bike tours, bus tours, canal boat tours, foreign-language tours, walking tours and mixed-group sightseeing tours.
Holland Tours & Excursions. Amsterdam's canals

  See all of Amsterdam's and Holland's landmarks and attractions, including  Amsterdam and its canals, de Keukenhof, Aalsmeer, Zaansche-Schans, Redlight District and many many more.
Our Amsterdam City Tours Guides will tell you all kind of interesting facts and information about Amsterdam and Holland.

  Holland Tours & Excursions. Amsterdam
  You just found the most exiting guided tours in Amsterdam! We offer guided tours through some of the most fascinating parts and places of Amsterdam. Amsterdam City Tours prides itself on the fact that all its tours benefit from the experience and knowledge of real Amsterdam experts. Any tour can be tailored to your personal needs.

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  Amsterdam is a metropolis of the Netherlands. It lies on the banks of two bodies of water, the Amstel River and the IJ bay. It was found in the end of 12-th century as a diminutive fishing village on the banks of the Amstel River, but today it's the largest city in the country and also it's the cultural and financial centre of Netherlands. The population of the Amsterdam is about 750 thousands and the population of the greater Amsterdam area is 1.5 million.
  Amsterdam is a solid, beautiful city. It's very attractive to look at and it's pleasant to walk around. The old curved houses, the paved streets, the tree-lined canals and the generous parks all contribute to the atmosphere. Holland Tours - Excursions Amsterdam
  Amsterdam is one of the world's best hangouts, a canny blend of old and new: radical squatter art installations hang off 17th-century eaves. It also has a friendly approach towards visitors and an exclusively youthful orientation, shaped by the liberal counterculture of the last four decades. Just about everyone you meet in Amsterdam will be able to speak fluent English, on top of their own native tongue, and often more than a smattering of French and German too!

Latest Customer's Opinions:

, Denmark, Odense, 2008-07-17

There are so many cafes, restaurants and clubs - don't know where to go, what to see, just want to visit everything and at once. Thanks that that Holland Tours & Excursions agency arranged this tour for us.
Here you can feel absolutely free, there is an impression of permissiveness and simplicity. I think, many people notice it. And more - this mad style of crazy Dutchmen - they are so nice on their bicycles and in caps with pigtails:) grannies on bicycles and a lot of tulips everywhere.....Magnificent country!

Attractions:Keukenhof, Zaan