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Language: Dutch
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Marken

This small fishing village is a former island in the Markemeer Bay that is now connected to the mainland by a causeway. The town has a pretty harbor that not only supports the fishermen but also caters to leisure watercraft as well. Picturesque green wooden houses that were fishermen’s cottages are built on stilts around the waterways, most of which are now restaurants and tourist shops. There’s also a famous mini-lighthouse at the harbor that still guides boats at night and was named a National Monument in 1970.

Visitors to Marken enjoy the Marker Museum, which is a fishing museum in the old town center of Marken. Six historical fishing cottages were joined to create this quaint museum, which is an interesting way to spend some time in the area. Nearby is the Sijtje Boes Souvenir Shop, possibly the very first souvenir shop in the Netherlands with famous Dutch clogs, Delft Blue china and miniature windmills.

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