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Private guides in Norway

Private Guide in Bergen

Private Guide in Bergen - Fjord

(Member Since 2013) Languages: English

If you are thinking about visiting Norway on your next holiday excursion, you certainly won't be disappointed. From the Northern Lights to art museums exhibiting Edvard Munch's work or experiencing an exhilarating dog-sledding adventure, Norway has something for everyone.

Private Guide in Beitostolen

Private Guide in Beitostolen - Andris

(Member Since 2012) Languages: English, Norwegian, Russian, Latvian

My primary mission and passion as a travel guide is to get people to enjoy the beauty of outdoor traveling. Just tell me where you want to go and what you want to do, and I will gladly take you there. The main idea for me is to impress you with the beauty of nature in the most convenient way possible. That's why I always strive to optimize the activities of each group I work with in order to bring the most exciting and pleasant experience during their travel.

Private Guide in Oslo

Private Guide in Oslo - Lisa

(Member Since 2012) Languages: English, Russian, Finnish

I'm Tanya Allingham and I will gladly accompany you during your stay in the Norwegian capital as a private guide. Having worked for more than 25 years in the domain of tourism, and having the experience as an employee of large transnational corporations, I am still fascinated to work as a private guide in Oslo. This city has something special about it and always focus on the beauty and history of this place when showing it to tourists. My tours are available in English, Finish and Russian, but I'm also fluent with Norwegian. I can offer you any type of tour depending on your preferences.

Private guides in Norway


Capital: Oslo
Language: Norwegian
Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK)
Calling Code: +47
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The Kingdom of Norway occupies the western portion of the Scandanavian Peninsula, sharing borders with Sweden and Finland and a coastline with the Norwegian Sea. Norway includes Jan Mayen, a volcanic island located in the Arctic Ocean, as well as Bouvet Island and the Svalbard archipelago. The high latitude provides extensive seasonal variations in daylight, giving the country the nickname, “Land of the Midnight Sun.” Winters here are cold and snowy, but summers can be fairly warm and sunny.

Visitors come to Norway to experience amazing natural scenery and sights like the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. Glaciers, ice caves, rugged coastlines, fjords and rivers provides outstanding vistas and places for outdoor enthusiasts to explore. Whale watching is a popular activity for both landlubbers and sailors who take to the waters of Norway.

Historical and cultural interests can be explored within the capital city of Oslo. The Viking culture has historically been important to Norway, and one main attraction for visitors is The Viking Ship Museum. The Norwegian Opera & Ballet offers outstanding musical performances and the building’s rooftop is open for anyone who wants to take in an incredible scenic view. 

Skiing is the most prevalent outdoor sport in Norway and Oslo’s recently opened Holmenkollen Ski Jump as a great venue for skiers, with an observation deck and Ski Museum.


Private Guide in Oslo

Private Guide in Oslo - Marcela

(Member Since 2016) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Oslo Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian

I want to share my knowledge of Norwegian history, culture and local life with you. Norway is famous for its nature and quietness but there is much more to see such as design, Michelin stars restaurants, great production of beer and even Sake!

Private Guide in Oslo

Private Guide in Oslo - Morten

(Member Since 2011) Languages: English, German, French

As a Luxury Travel Provider, we individually designed trips in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia. We provide you with your own private driver/guide, who will greet you at the airport / cruise port when you...

Private Guide in Alesund

Private Guide in Alesund - Radmyla

(Member Since 2018) Languages: English, Norwegian, Russian, Ukrainian

I live in heart of Norwegian`s fjords - county More og Romsdal. My charming city Alesund was nominated as the most beautiful city in Norwegian Kingdom. Just welcome for to be sure that this is true! Do you like the water in its beauty - noisy mountain rivers with deep-water vortex cascades, turquoise lakes, slender waterfalls, mirror fjords and powerful Atlantic ocean? If yes - welcome to Norway and enjoy!

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Guide Licensing Information for Norway

Norway has always been a popular destination for tourists from all over the world due to its magnificent nature. And now there's even an increase in the demand for tourism industry workers, since this industry is regarded as Norway's fastest growing branch of economy for the last several years. That's why professional tour guides are in high demand at the moment. However, not every private guide can officially render their services in Norway, since in most situations a valid license is required.

In case the guide is rendering services that emphasize the culture, history or geography of Norway he or she is obliged to carry a valid license issued by the Ministry of Tourism. In order to get such a license the applicant must show proof of relevant education, be fluent in Norwegian (or any other Scandinavian language) and at least one foreign language and have deep knowledge of local history, culture, traditions, economy and geography. The license can be obtained after passing the state exam and paying the taxes at the local authorities. The tour guide ID card usually offers certain advantages such as pass-the-line attendance to most natural museums and tourist spots.

Tourist activities that are not directly connected to culture, history or nature of the country, in contrast, do not require an official license.