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Private guides in Philippines

Private Guide in Bohol

Private Guide in Bohol - Joselino Baritua

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It is always a surprise how much history and beauty one region can possess, especially Bohol and the islands of the Philippines. Deciding which of the many things you can fit into the limited time in your vacation can be difficult. That is where hiring a private tour guide can certainly come in handy.

Private guides in Philippines


Capital: Manila
Language: English
Currency: Philippine peso (PHP)


The Philippines is famous for its teeming megacities, emerald rice fields, graffiti-splashed jeepneys, bug-eyed tarsiers, smouldering volcanoes, smiling happy-faced people and fuzzy water buffalos. The Philippines are apart from mainland not only geographically but also culturally and spiritually.

The most obvious enigma of the country is its overwhelming Catholicism – the result of the Spanish rule, which lasted for more than 350 years. The traces of the so-called Spanish era include unique Spanish-Filipino colonial architecture, exuberant town fiestas such as Kalibo Ati’Atihan, and exquisite ancient churches neighboring bustling town plazas.

Besides the Spanish influence you can notice a great deal of typically American vestiges such as fast food chains, malls, and widespread spoken English. However, even despite these outside influences the Philippines continues to be a unique entity. The Filipinos are extremely proud of their country and they are eager to show hospitality to tourists and travelers. 

The Philippines consists of approximately 7000 islands and most of them are not even inhabited. If you are interested in diving you should head straight to the Visayas where the setting is perfect for exploring the underwater world. If you are more adventurous by nature why not play a solo survivor on one of the empty islands for a couple of days?

Questions about Philippines
Just wondering , I'm coming down with my friends ( 3 of us) . Im just wondering how much will you charge. ??
Mary Jen Vinuya (Private Guide) :
Hi! Guide's Fee for Half Day tour in Manila is Php2,500, car rent is Php3,000. Thank You!