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Tour and Talk Turkey! :)) with Oguz:

Join me for a great time, the most charming, rare as well as common background, all at the right dose. (if you end up on the wrong tour you may end up listening to a guide repeating the same text like a tape recorder; so don't risk yourself.) :))

My name Oguz is pronounced as in the Wizard of 'OZ' , g is semi-silent - the English keyboard does not provide the accent mark over the g letter.

In the past years , I was the tour guide of tv crews , like American CBS following the Pope's (2006 ) vand President Bush's visit to Turkey ( 2004 ) ; or official guests visiting Turkey like President of Latvia in 2005 ( the Bosphorus cruise photo shows me with Madame Freiberge, President of Latvia )

But I do not want to sound like a boring official guide, I like adding humour at the right dose to my tours, and the information I offer is not repeating a text from a book; like most guides do. I add my observations ( I also write useful articles for the use of my colleagues to which they have access at the forum section of my personal website ) and my perspective.

In winter time when there are less tours I am into short movie filming ( yes, one day - not to o long I would like to participate Sundance ) and photography. Couple of my short movie projects are based on documantary Istanbul and Ottoman themes ; if you have an interest ; I will be glad to mention my works; my scenario's stories are based on Istanbul observations , its history and people; they may also give some insight and your appreciation and understanding of the people,culture, city, and the country you will be observing during your short visit of even one or two days will be different, as you will agree when our tour together is also successfully completed.


May 2004
Dear Oguz,
I would like to thank you for the great time we had together on our tour through Greece, its islands and Turkey . You added to our trip , and we appreciate all your efforts. In the last 3 years time I travelled over 80 countries and I had over 80 tour guides. There was one that was close to you , but so far you are the best!
Sandor Milesz
Forever Living Products
Director - Hungary

June 16,1990
Dear Oguz,
Please accept my deepest thanks and profound gratitude on behalf of the entire group of Californians, for whom you made the history, culture and mythology of Turkey a living reality.
We will remember you with fondness and expect and look forward to your visit to California in the near future.
Yours Sincerely,
Rachael Balyeat
(Rachael Balyeat and Her Friends-28 day tour of turkey)

quot from comments sheet, 1995: tour guide: Oguz- Superior guide. Articulate, knowledgable,and accommodating.
Betty&Roy Hubbell ** Wood Rise, Falmouth, MA. USA ,

Dear Oguz,
Thanks for showing us Turkiye old and new – you are a very good ambassador for your country.I shall certainly go back home with a much broader understanding of this part of the world.
Anita Starret(1996)

(10th May 1990)
My dear Oz,
I just wanted to thank you so much for adding to the interest and enjoyment of the Tour with your very well informed and witty comments. My sister and I really enjoyed the whole experience, mingled with pride and sadness when we visited my father's grave at Hill 10 ( of the Gallipoli peninsula )
I enclose a very inadequate little book about Ireland- perhaps you'll visit us one day.
Thank you again for everything
Yours very sincerely
Vangie Kennedy
.. Strathearn Park,
Belfast, BT4 ***,IRELAND

Dear Oguz
My wife and I would like to thank you for the entertaining time we had while under your charge. You are very knowledgeable with your country, and I would like to congratulate you. My wife and I wish you a very happy New Year.
Mr. Abdul Rahim bin Yusoff
Delegate of Chamber of Commerce of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
Mission to Turkey

Latest Customer's Opinions:

, France, Le Havre, 2008-07-15

I was in Turkey and decided to visit and its largest city Istanbul too. Contacted with the private guide Oguz Kosebalaban to make an individual tour for me in Istambul. So - I should say, that it was really good. Impressions of my stay in this ancient town are positive, I liked it very much, there are many sights to see, very interesting local colour.