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Russia St. Petersburg
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Oxana - Private Guide in St. Petersburg
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Customer's Opinions about guide from St. Petersburg, Russia

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, Canada, St.Johnís, 2019-08-22

I have been traveling to Russia for almost 30 years and I can honestly say that Oxana Prokofyeva was the best guide I have ever had. The most recent trip was with a mixed group of teens, young adults and adults. Oxana was able to relate to each and every one of them and make them feel at home. Her English is impeccable and she would teach the group Russian along the way. Oxana was able to sort out any problems we may have encountered very promptly and discretely. She also was able to arrange on the fly extra things to do that were not in the official itinerary. If you are ever thinking about a trip to Russia in the future I would highly recommend Oxana Prokofyeva as your guide.

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, United States, Columbus, 2016-02-29

Oxana was an excellent host! First, she maintained excellent communication throughout the pre-trip planning to ensure that the experience was tailored to my needs. Then while in St. Petersburg she demonstrated such command of the history of the city, flexibility to changing conditions, an ability to be proactive, and great professionalism. Oxana is a genuinely kind and understanding person and it was a pleasure to see Russia through her eyes.

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, Netherlands, Leiden, 2010-12-17

I am a business traveller, going to Russia first time was not meant to be easy, you don't know the cyrillic characters, did not what to expect really. I took Oxana asa guide, interpreter and secretary. She arranged the transportation, she went with me to meetings as well as she mixed my pure business trip with lot of fun related to sight seeing, went out to dining,I did so much more than just being there for business.
She is someone who you can trust blindly, the driver she brought Alexander was also very nice fellow, very quite and great guy. I wanted to go to see some night life and was not sure where I wouod end up, she helped a lot by choosing right places.
I strongly believe that if you are looking for a great trip in Saint Pete, Oxana has the potential to bring the best out of that city and show you.


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, U.S.A., Philadelphia, Pa, 2008-09-15

Oxana was our tour guide for two days in St. Petersburg. She was extremely knowledgeable about the various museums, Russian history, and the local culture. She was also an extremely friendly and gracious person, making the tours even more memorable.We left with the special feeling that we had not just seen parts of St. Petersburg, but really experienced it. She is truly a wonderful tour guide, and we were very fortunate to have seen the city and its environs with her guidance.

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, U.S.A., Philadelphia, 2008-09-07

I am providing my opinion about Oxana Prokofyeva, who was the tour guide for me, as well as my husband and two other couples, for all-day tours of Saint Petersburg, Russia, on two days in early August 2008. Oxana is an excellent guide whom we enjoyed so much on our first day in Saint Petersburg that we requested that she be our guide on the second day as well. Oxana is an extremely knowledgeable guide on all aspects of Russian history, culture, and art. She is also an absolute pleasure to be with, and we enjoyed her company as much as we enjoyed seeing the sights. Her spoken English is excellent, and she always took our requests and areas of interest into consideration. She took us on tours of several of the palaces, churches, and other sights in Saint Petersburg and its environs. We loved the city and want to return one day. Oxana made everything we saw come alive, and had such a great depth of knowledge. She told us about the historical figures, and was as adept in describing the artwork in the Hermitage. I strongly recommend Oxana as a tour guide.