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Articles. Traveling with children

Traveling with children

Many parents prefer to travel with children, even to exotic countries. Considering a few important points prior to your trip can make things easier. Today the level of comfort while traveling is so high that parents would feel guilty not taking their children on a fantastic voyage with them. Paris and London, resorts in Turkey and Greece and Cancun beaches, many of these locations have venues that offer fun programs for toddlers and older kids. And if the kids are happy, mom and dad have more time to relax and enjoy the trip as well. Traveling with children can be a joy, but you need to comply with all the necessary documents and know a few important secrets like which resorts are kid-friendly.

Queensland's Capricorn Coast  Take the Kids!

Queensland's Capricorn Coast Take the Kids!

7/23/2014 Article author: Tammy Maas Adelaide (Australia), Alice Springs (Australia), Brisbane (Australia), Canberra (Australia), Hobart (Australia), Port Douglas (Australia)

A vacation just isn't the same without the kids. You worry, you miss them, you wonder what they're doing and you feel guilty. Erase the guilt and pencil in an amazing vacation to Queensland's Capricorn Coast. It's a fabulous destination with plenty to do for kids and adults. Enjoy a stress free family vacation this year.

10 pieces of advice for parents flying with a toddler

10 pieces of advice for parents flying with a toddler

11/17/2013 Article author: Dana Ellis

Travelling with toddlers is challenging indeed! You need to give your full attention to your child and get prepared properly for the flight. Take note of our tips on how to make your journey with a toddler less stressful both for you and for your lovely baby.

Flying Kid-Friendly Skies: Top 5 Airlines Welcoming Children

Flying Kid-Friendly Skies: Top 5 Airlines Welcoming Children

12/13/2012 Article author: Cathy Jones

Traveling with children often presents its own difficulties, both for the parents and for fellow passengers on an airplane. Whether you have been the person unfortunate enough to be seated next to a disgruntled, wailing infant or if you were the parent of that infant yourself desperately trying to calm your child, you know that flying anywhere with young children is rarely a pleasant experience.

10 Travel Destinations from Children's Literature

10 Travel Destinations from Children's Literature

9/10/2012 Article author: Cathy Jones London (England), Finland, United States

Storybook characters come to life for children when they have the opportunity to visit the real places from their favorite books. There's nothing so fascinating as being able to see the same sights your literary heroes saw, to walk the paths they walked and visit some of the settings you've only been able to read about. Even more so for kids, whose imaginations allow them to fully experience the books they read as if they were living the tales themselves. Give your children an unforgettable experience by taking them to visit the settings of some of their favorite stories.