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The main attractions of Bucharest


 attractions of Bucharest

Once Bucharest was a very prosperous city, and people even called it “Paris of the East”. This prosperity gave the opportunity for the bohemian culture to develop greatly. Unfortunately this lovely city had to go through the century of hard time because of some economic problrms, and of course due to the wars. Nevertheless Bucharest has managed to regain its prosperity, and nowadays it is one of the most visited and beautiful cities in teh world. You would be amazed at the abundance of various landmarks, historical and cultural monuments and places of interest in Bucharest! Every street has something beautiful and intriguing to discover! If you visit this wonderful city in summer, you should take into consideration that it is very hot here during the summer months. You will definitely enjoy walking along the clean tree-lined streets, where every corner is marked with the presence of a bench. It is worth noting that the most affordable transportation in Bucharest is the train. Luckily it covers most of the areas of the city. 


Piata Victoriei

Museums are among the most attractive spots in Bucharest, all of them are definitely worth seeing! You should take a look at the museum of Peasant History, which is situated near the Piata Victoriei. This way you will have an opportunity to explore the life of ordinary Romanians, as it was several centuries ago. It is worth noting that there are several reconstructions in this museum: namely the reconstruction of churches. Among the other places that you should definitely visit is the well-known village museum, where you will find lots of authentic wooden houses. The National Museum of Romanian History also represents great interest for any tourist, as example this culture and history tour in Bucharest


The Palace of Parlament


The Palace of Parlament represents great interest to any tourist due to its beauty and grandeur. According to some guide-books it is one of the largest buildings on the whole continent. If you are aiming to visit this wonderful place, make sure you don’t forget your passport. You should also take a look at the ruins of Princely Church and Princely Court, which are considered to be the oldest buildings in Bucharest. This city is literslly filled with Orthodox Churches, and you can find them in every corner of Bucharest. Among the places that are worth seeing here the Anthenuem Theater should be listed, as far as it is the very first concert hall in the city. Bucharest is also known for its various souvenir shops, so you will have an opportunity to buy marvellous presents for each and every member of your family.


Article author: Natalie Edinur

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