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Language: Russian
Currency: Iranian rial (IRR)

Information about Ahwaz

The largest city and the capital of the Khuzestan province in Iran is Ahwaz. Located on both banks of the Karun River, the city is a transportation hub for the oil, textiles, sugar cane, petrochemicals and food processing industries that are functioning there. Ahwaz is home to over one million Shi’ite Muslims. 

The river boulevard is a popular place to walk and to visit landmarks and parks. Riverside Park is the oldest park in the city. The White Bridge was built by Swedish engineers over eighty years ago and is the main symbol of the city. Zeytoon Karmani is the oldest neighbor in Ahvah, it has a park in the center and is a popular place for the youth of the area to visit. At night people visit the oil well flares located on the border of the city.


Ahwaz is said to be one of the most polluted cities in the world. The city has very little to offer regarding sightseeing but most of the hotels are clean and moderately priced with many English speaking employees that can help with travel or tours. Tourists enjoy the River Side Restaurant as it servers an exceptional Mahi dish. Alcohol is not legal in Iran. 

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Private Guide in Ahwaz - Ashkan

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I am Ashkan, an Iranian tour guide officially licensed from Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization. My wife is also regional guide for hiking and ecotourism. We offer private tours, exclusive and tailored sightseeing & excursions in Khuzestan and around Ahwaz.

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