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Private guides in Myanmar

Private Guide in Mandalay

Private Guide in Mandalay - Myint

(Member Since 2015) Languages: Engligh

I worked as a permanent guide at Tour Mandalay Travel Agency for over 12 years until 2014. Now I am working as a freelance guide in Mandalay and through out the country. I have been almost all major tour sites with my clients in Myanmar ( Burma ).

Private Guide in Yangon

Private Guide in Yangon - Chang

(Member Since 2009) Languages: Myanmar, English, Japanese

Father is Lachit and Mother is Shan. So,can speak three local languages such as Burmese, Shan and Kachin. Growing up between Theravada Buddhism and Christianity Family.

Private Guide in Nyaung Shwe

Private Guide in Nyaung Shwe - Htin

(Member Since 2018) Languages: english

In Southern Shan State where rapidly developed tourism, i'm growing up here notably Innlay unlike as native method of fishing ,hydrophonics about floating garden ,floating villages , landmark religious sightseen have been bewitching by visitor.In the past time both opportunities and lack of educational knowledge would be less from my perspective.

Private guides in Myanmar


Capital: Yangon
Language: Chinese
Currency: Kyat (MMK)
Calling Code: +95
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Rudyard Kipling once wrote that Burma is unlike any place one knows about, and he was quite right. Even a more than a century later Myanmar still remains a world apart. If you are planning to travel to Burma you should be prepared to encounter men wearing skirt-like clothes called longyi, women wearing the traditional make-up – thanakha and old grannies constantly chewing betel and thus having their mouths full of blood-red juice.

Myanmar is the country that carefully maintains its own traditions and you would rarely see any kind of western clothing here. Some people say that it is a country abounds in unique and sometimes even surreal sites. It may come as a surprise for you but people still use horses and carts to get around in Myanmar. Probably that’s why this country appears to be so unique and exotic for Europeans who are used to traveling by cars/planes etc. This is the place where you can liberate yourself from all the modern devices such as mobile phones because they simply won’t work.

The same situation is with Internet – the connections are so incredibly slow here that you would regret you attempted to get online. Your journey to Myanmar won’t be complete if you don’t dig into the billion dishes of the local cuisine. It is advisable to start with a hearty bowl of mohinga and finish with a Burnese meal.  

Private Guide in Yangon

Private Guide in Yangon - Min

(Member Since 2017) Languages: English

Hello my travellers - I am Min. I have been serving as a tour guide in Myanmar since 2011. In Rakhine State, western part of Myanmar, I was born and brought up. Myanmar tourism sector is growing fast due to...

Private Guide in Yangon

Private Guide in Yangon - Min

(Member Since 2012) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Yangon, Bago Languages: English , Myanmar

My name is Min and most of the people called me "Min".I am 22 years old and very energetic and patience and have resonable knowledge for Myanmar .There is a motto that I hold when I serve my clients,that is "Your satisfactory is My goal". So , I did my best in my tours and always care to my customers. I am Buddhism .I can explain about Buddhism when we are on the pagodas accompanied Myanmar traditional.

Private Guide in Yangon

Private Guide in Yangon - Myo

(Member Since 2017) Languages: English

Hello, welcome to the land of Myanmar, where amazing places and people, interesting culture, history, breath-taking views of historical and culture places awaits you to be enjoyed and excited. There are many acitivites you can do like cycling around the country, boat tour on Rangoon river, meeting interesting people, come and contact with the fridenly smile of people. There are a grate dale of places to fill you with different tastes and suit your interest.

Private Guide in Mandalay

Private Guide in Mandalay - Nyan

(Member Since 2013) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Mandalay, Sagaing, Bagan Languages: English

Now our country is developing in tourism so come and enjoy the differences of Myanmar. I know you are looking for differences and i will be with you and show you differences. I have been working in hospitality and tourism for one decade inside country and outside country.

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Guide Licensing Information for Myanmar

Tourism in Burma is not as developed as in case of its neighbours Laos. However, it doesn't mean that there is no tourist potential and attractions. In fact there are lots of attractions in many fields, while the lack of popularity among tourists is partially explained by the current political situation in Burma.

The government started encouraging tourism since 1992 and as the time went time the number of tourists visiting Burma increased every year reaching the point of 1.5 million people in 2013. In order to ensure that tourism is gradually developing and more people get interested in visiting Burma the government members had to impose certain rules and regulations over guiding activity.

According to these rules only licensed guides are allowed to work in this sphere. In order to get a certificate that gives access to all the country's monuments and landmarks and allows guiding all the guides-to-be have to go through a training. They will have a certain period of time to learn everything they might need while guiding and then they will have to pass an examination. 

Questions about Myanmar
Min, I am not clear to your response to my Viator inquiry if you are not available to work under Viator or if you are not available under any circumstance Don
Min (Private Guide in Yangon):
Hello, Don! Thank you so much again for your contact and I appreciated that. Yes, I can't work under Viator, that is why. But, you can still contact me here for sure. Regards, Min