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Language: Spanish
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Granada

Granada is located at the bottom of the northeast side of Sierra Nevada flank and it lies on three hills that go down the valley up to the Genil river and its confluent Darro. The city’s picturesque landscape, its beautiful architecture, captivating history and traditions, attract thousands of tourists year after year.  

The history of Granada knew the reign of Arabs who left a great architectural and cultural heritage. The main landmark of the city is the splendid Alhambra palace, which is surrounded by a two meters high wall. This jewel of Andalusia, represents a perfect combination of Muslim and Christian cultures, impressing by its luxury and gracefulness of architectural shapes and palace’s design.

Other beautiful architectural landmarks of Granada are the gorgeous city’s Cathedral, which was the first Renaissance building and served as example for many churches of Andalusia, and the beautiful summer palace, which today hosts an interesting museum of Spanish-Muslim art and the museum of fine arts.  

Walking on the narrow streets of this charming city are situated many cozy cafes where you’ll be warmly welcomed and served with traditional Andalusian and Mediterranean food  and wine.

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