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Language: Romanian
Currency: Leu (RON)

Information about Maramures

The Maramures area of northern Romania is surrounded by the Carpathian mountains, and extends into western Ukraine. About 550,000 people live in villages throughout the Maramures valley, where many of the centuries old traditions and culture of their Dacian ancestors are still in practice. The main climate feature of Maramures is heavy precipitation, with rainy summers and snowy winters. 

The forested region is known for woodcraft, with many beautiful carved wooden gates and entryways on houses in the area. The area is also known for an abundance of wooden churches with tall spires and more woodcarvings. Visitors enjoy sights such as the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, and the 16th century Reform church in Sighetu Marmatiei. There’s also an interesting outdoor village museum in Sighetu Marmatiei.

Other interesting experiences including taking a scenic journey on the steam train that begins in the Viseu de Sus logging town and exploring caves and waterfalls of Creasta Cocosului.

Private Guide in Maramures

Private Guide in Maramures - Cornelia

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Hello! My name is Cornelia, I'm from Baia Mare, Maramures County. I was born here and I'm living here since than. I'm very proud of my origins and I'd like to let everyone to know how magnificent is Maramures.

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Hi, I sent an email from another site that is for you, but I am not sure that it is a current site, so am sending this one as well. I am taking my blind friend to the Maramures as she has a specific interest in working with traditional tools to produce products. I am hoping that you ...
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