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Private guides in Argentina

Private Guide in Buenos Aires

Private Guide in Buenos Aires - LIZ Andrea

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Buenos Aires, Tigre Languages: Spanish-English

Hi! Local Expert since 2004 born and raised in Buenos Aires City. Passion: Give tours. Hobbies: Tango Dancer and Sports plus History and Economy. Focus: on doing what I like and help all the local entrepreneurs in my city.

Private Guide in Buenos Aires

Private Guide in Buenos Aires - Carina Lago

(Member Since 2015) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Buenos Aires Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Hello! I´m always waiting for you in my lovely Buenos Aires city. My aim is to share with you the secrets of Buenos Aires in a custom made way, so you could make the best of your time during your trip. I extremly enjoy when travellers of all over the word tell me how they go further from their expectations about Buenos Aires and "porteņos" traditions.

Private Guide in Bariloche

Private Guide in Bariloche - Daiana

(Member Since 2016) Languages: English, Spanish

I'm Daiana Victoria and I am a professional licensed tour guide in Buenos Aires City, Argentina. I've been working in this industry for more than 13 years. Besides being a tour guide, I have also worked in youth hostels, travel agencies, tourist information centres, and I've even worked as an air hostess for a while and thanks to that I was able to visit lots of countries and get to know many different cultures from all around the world.

Private guides in Argentina


Capital: Buenos Aires
Language: Spanish
Currency: Argentine peso (ARS)
Guide Licensing Information


As the world’s eighth largest country and the second largest in South America, Argentina has an abundance of everything. Spanning the southern half of South America, Argentina’s climates range from hot, humid, and rainy to crisp, cold winters. Some areas even maintain a Mediterranean climate year round, making it ideal for vacationing at any time. 

If your interests are in beautiful scenery, majestic glaciers, or mirror-like lakes amidst snowcapped peaks, Argentina has a great variety to interest people from all walks of life. The Iguazu Falls are a short flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital. Nothing else can compare with its jungle surroundings and a total of 275 waterfalls.  You can also hike, ride, or boat along Argentina’s rivers, enjoying the crisp air and spectacular views. The vineyards of Mendoza and the ice fields of El Calafate are also awe-inspiring sites. The salt pans of eastern Argentina are host to numerous rock formations and vistas you will never believe.

Wildlife abounds in Argentina, many of which can be seen in such places as the Punto Tombo National Reserve, where around a million Magellan penguins go to mate each year. A variety of whales, elephant seals, and other oceanic animals are often found here. From wetlands habitats to jungle predators, Argentina has it all.

For those who prefer the bustling city life and cultures of the world, Argentina boasts of wondrous cities with histories unlike anything found elsewhere. One of the premier is Buenos Aires, often called the “Paris of the South.” With its European feel and fast-paced nightlife, foodies can visit an assortment of the city’s famous steakhouses. Or enjoy venues with live performing arts, and attend bars and dance clubs with vibrant, exciting atmospheres. 

Travel Agency in Salta

Travel Agency in Salta - Poncho Tours

(Member Since 2020) Languages: English and Spanish

We operate throughout north west Argentina, and can also arrange trips to the Salares of Uyuni in Bolivia and Atacama in Chile. Wine tours from Salta to Mendoza. Hiking trips in the Andes. Adventure 4x4 excursions into the Altiplano mountain plateau.

Private Guide in Buenos Aires

Private Guide in Buenos Aires - Baires Exclusive

(Member Since 2010) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Buenos Aires Languages: English, Spanish, Francais, Portuguese, Tourism Coordinator,

At the moment of travelling to another country, the traveler chooses to contract in his native land some package including the air ticket, the lodgment or hotel, the transfers, and a panoramic city tour. The rest of the optional tours are usually being hired in the destination, generally at the hotel.

Private Guide in Salta

Private Guide in Salta - Facundo Zambrano

(Member Since 2019) Languages: Spanish, English, German

I am Argentine and I lived almost all my life in Salta, I come from a local family of old roots. I am interested in sports, gastronomy, geology and history, which helps me a lot to develop the tours I offer... I am an enthusiast who works as a tour guide. I really like the north of Argentina, the culture and its people.

Private Guide in Buenos Aires

Private Guide in Buenos Aires - Maria Virginia Panetta

(Member Since 2011) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Buenos Aires Languages: English, Spanish

My name is Virginia from Private Buenos Aires Tours. I am a porte, an inhabitant of one of the fascinating port cities of the world, Buenos Aires. I invite you to come and tour Buenos Aires with me. For years, I've helped visitors from all over the world touring Argentina.

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Guide Licensing Information for Argentina

Argentine is one of the most fascinating and attractive countries in the world. It has much to offer to any kind of tourist irrespective of his or her preferences. Tourists say that it is a “must visit” country and they can’t be but right. It goes without saying that tourism occupies an important place in country’s economy and consequently guiding service is always in demand.

In order to provide only service of the highest quality government members had to ensure somehow that the local guides comply with all the rules and offer only qualitative service. That’s why certain rules were introduced in the sphere of guiding. In order to become a guide one has go through a period of detailed training. During this period all guides-to-be learn everything they might need while guiding tourists: history and culture of their motherland, details about each and every landmark in Argentina.

Afterwards they have to pass an examination and only in case their grade is mutually satisfactory they get a special certificate which gives them the access to various historical monuments of Argentina. 

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