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Private guides in Cyprus

Private Guide in Bellapais

Private Guide in Bellapais - Cemaliye

(Member Since 2015) Languages: English and Turkish

Hello! My name is Cemaliye and I am a North Cyprus Tourism Organization certified tour guide licensed to guide in English and Turkish with more than 15 years of experience in this field.

Private Guide in Limassol

Private Guide in Limassol - Phivos

(Member Since 2008) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Nicosia, Platres, Famagusta, Paphos, Kyrenia, Polis, Limassol, Larnaca Languages: Greek, English, Spanish, German

Phivos was born in Cyprus, it is his beloved motherland. For many years he has been travelling with passion throughout the whole island. He got acquainted with all the corners of the island by means of travelling through the countryside. These were some little tours on foot, by car or by bicycle.

Private guides in Cyprus


Capital: Nicosia
Language: Greek
Currency: Cypriot pound
Calling Code: +357
Guide Licensing Information


The Republic of Cyprus is one of the third largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea,  with a sub-tropical climate that offers very mild, somewhat rainy winters, and summers that are warm and perfect for beach-going and other outdoor activities. International tourists come to Cyprus for Carnival, for the annual Wine Festival, to cycle along the famous Strovolos River Trail, and to scuba dive off the coast of Dhekelia where the sunken ship, HMS Cricket, has lain since 1915. Visitors also enjoy the Fasouri Watermania, the island’s biggest waterpark, and rock climbing in the Kyrenia mountain range.

Cyprus has a heritage of being one of the oldest recorded civilizations on earth, with archaeological remains that prove humans have inhabited the island country since the 10th millennium BC. There are many important historical landmarks on the island that hold protected status from UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, such as Khirokitia, a very well-preserved village dating from the Neolithic era. 

The archaeological sites of Paphos are of great historical value, with the remains of palaces, tombs, and theaters that date from the second century, such as the Amphitheater of Odeon. According to Greek legend, Paphos is the place where Aphrodite landed when she rose out of the water, and a cult dedicated to the worship of Aphrodite was established at Paphos. You can see incredibly beautiful mosaic artworks that depict Aphrodite imagery at Nea Paphos.

Other notable historical landmarks on Cyprus include Kantara Castle in the Kyrenia Mountains, a fortress built by Byzantines in the 10th century as a lookout post to defend against raiding Arabs. In the ancient city of Nicosia the Kyrenia Gate is a remarkable landmark that was originally the entrance into the city through the Nicosian walls that were built in the 1500s by Venetians and today is a tourist information office.

Akamas is a well-known nature reserve with a famous loggerhead turtle sanctuary where British naturalist Sir David Attenborugh filmed a documentary. Akamas is also known as the spot where Aphrodite met Adonis, her lover, and a natural spring is named for the legend, Love’s Spring near Polis.

Guide Licensing Information for Cyprus


Anyone willing to provide tour guiding services in Cyprus legally should hold a license issued by the Cyprus Tourism Organization. If a person is conducting a tour and is unable to present a license upon request, he or she is subjected to a fine and possible legal prosecution, with a potential of deportation for foreign citizens.

In order to get a valid guide license in Cyprus one has to apply for it to the Cyprus Tourism Organization. This institution will only review the applications of specialists who hold certificates or diplomas issued by any recognized Tourist Guide School, speak fluent Greek and at least one foreign language, are proficient in local history and arts, and who weren't convicted of any crimes in the past. A probation period or aptitude test may be required for certain candidates. All citizens of EU countries and foreigners with permanent working visas may enroll with the guiding courses at one of the recognized schools and then apply for the license. 

Licensed guides can freely enter virtually all historic landmarks, cultural sites and museums without standing in line. However, they are usually asked to provide the license in order to pass. With all this, there are still wild guides present in Cyprus as well.


Questions about Cyprus
Is English widely spoken and understood in Cyprus? I want to plan a vacation to the country but I want to be sure that speaking English is acceptable. Would it be easiest for me to learn the native language of the country to get the best out of my trip?
Jamie Couter
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