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Private guides and guided tours in Korea South

Private guides in Korea South

Private Guide in Pusan

Private Guide in Pusan - Frank Yi

(Member Since 2012) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Pusan, Incheon, Busan ( Pusan ) Languages: English, Chinese, Russia , Japanese.

Hello there! My name is Frank Yi . Currently, living in the BUSAN and I am a freelance tour guide and translator working for more than 5 years in the Korea.

Private Guide in Seoul

Private Guide in Seoul - Richard

(Member Since 2014) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Chuncheon Languages: English, Japanese

Hi, my name is Richard and a Korean government certified English tour guide in Korea. I've been working as a tour guide around 7 years in Korea and have been to most of Korean territory while working as a tour guide.

Private guides in Korea South

Korea South

Capital: Seoul
Language: Korean
Currency: South Korean won (KRW)
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South Korea is one of the must visit countries. It has much to offer to any kind of tourist irrespective of his/her preferences – mineral springs, clean beaches, wonderful historical monuments and even ski resorts. Korea is the country with incredible history, beautiful nature and obviously great future. It has recently become one of the top tourist destinations for travelers from Primorsk Territory.

Every year thousands of tourists come to the South Korea to relax on the hot springs and beautiful sand beaches, explore cultural and historical sites and of course to ski. Seoul is the capital of the South Korea and its main cultural and economic center. 

Most part of the country is found in the mild climate zone, where every season has its own characteristics. Spring and autumn are quite short and warm. The majority of sunny days fall on the period from March till May. The summers are usually hot and humid; the maximum temperature reaches +35C.

The winters are cold and dry the temperature reaching -10C. They say that the best time to visit South Korea is from late November till April. It is a perfect tourist destination for both those who prefer active traveling and those who simply want to spend some marvelous hours at the seaside. 

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Guide Licensing Information for Korea South

Tourism is one of the most developed and important sectors in the economy of South Korea. According to the recent data approximately 12 million foreign tourists visited South Korea in 2012. These impressive numbers indicate that South Korea is the 20th most visited country in the world. Seoul is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Korea attracting thousands of tourists primarily from China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This country has much to offer to any kind of tourist irrespective of his or her preferences. But often our impressions of the foreign country are affected by the people who introduce us to it – local guide. The more knowledgeable and trust-worthy is the guide the better your vacation will be. Sometimes it happens that tourists come across unprincipled guides who are interested primarily in making more money. In this case there is no guarantee that tourists are safe in such a company. In order to eliminate such cases the members of the Ministry of Tourism of South Korea impose certain rules and regulations over guiding activity.

Only licensed guides are allowed to work in this sphere. In order to get a license all the guides-to-be have to study for a certain period of time and then pass an examination. 

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How much would it cost to hire you for a week for a tour for a family of four to go around the country? How does it work as far as hotel expenses, car, etc.? We have an adopted daughter from Korea and would like to show her some of her heritage.
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