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Private guides in Tunisia

Private Guide in Tunis

Private Guide in Tunis - Jamel

(Member Since 2010) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Tunis, Tozeur, Djerba Languages: English, French, Italian, Arabic

My name is Jamel and of my 40 years I've been serving as a licensed private guide for over 15 years. My main goal is to deliver diversity to any person visiting Tunisia. That's why there's just any private tour in Tunis you can choose from, depending on your main interest. If you're fascinated with the ancient history of the place and want to discover the remnants of Punic and Roman settlements – I will take you to the most prominent historic sites highlighting this part of Tunisian history.

Private Guide in Tunis

Private Guide in Tunis - Mouelhi

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Tunis Languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese

Planning a trip to Tunisia and want a professional private guide in Tunis to handle all your booking and accommodation? Need a reliable person who will handle things for you? Feel the urge to learn different things about the history and traditions of the country by visiting the most peculiar sites? I am Ali Mouelhi, and I will gladly serve as your private guide in my lovely homeland.

Private Guide in Tunis

Private Guide in Tunis - Taha

(Member Since 2007) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Tunis, Sousse Languages: German, English, Frensh, Arabic

My name is Taha and working as a private guide has been my main passion for years. I've worked with numerous international travel companies, serving tourists from all over the world. And I never get tired of showing my beautiful country to people who are coming here for the first time.

Private guides in Tunisia


Capital: Tunis
Language: Arabic
Currency: Tunisian dinar (TND)
Calling Code: +216

CAPITAL CITY OF Tunisia: Tunis
LANGUAGE OF Tunisia: Arabic
CURRENCY OF Tunisia: Tunisian dinar (TND)

Tunisia, officially the Tunisian Republic, is a country situated on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa.
Cities : Tunis (capital), Bizerte, El Kef, Gabes, La Goulette, Nefta, Hammamet, Sfax, Sousse, Tozeur, Monastir
Best Places : Port El Kantaoui, Djerba, Douz, Jugurtha's Table, Matmata, Sidi Bou Said, Sufetula or Sbeitla, Metlaoui
Eat : Shorba Frik, Coucha, Tabouna, Brik, Berber Lamb, Merguez, Salade Tunisienne, Tunisian cakes, Harissa
Drink : Beer, Wine, Boukha, Coffee, Tea, Mint Tea
Electricity : 127-220V/50Hz (European plug)
Calling code : +216
Time zone : CET (UTC+1)
Following independence from France in 1956, President Habib BOURGUIBA established a strict one-party state. He dominated the country for 31 years, repressing Islamic fundamentalism and establishing rights for women unmatched by any other Arab nation. In recent years, Tunisia has taken a moderate, non-aligned stance in its foreign relations. Domestically, it has sought to defuse rising pressure for a more open political society.

CLIMATE OF Tunisia: Temperate in north with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers; desert in south.
RELIGION OF Tunisia: Muslim 98%, Christian 1%, Jewish and other 1%
POPULATION OF Tunisia: 10,074,951 (July 2005 est.)>>
ECONOMY OVERVIEW OF Tunisia: Tunisia has a diverse economy, with important agricultural, mining, energy, tourism, and manufacturing sectors. Governmental control of economic affairs while still heavy has gradually lessened over the past decade with increasing privatization, simplification of the tax structure, and a prudent approach to debt. Progressive social policies also have helped raise living conditions in Tunisia relative to the region. Real growth slowed to a 15-year low of 1.9% in 2002 because of agricultural drought and lackluster tourism. Better rains in 2003 and 2004, however, helped push GDP growth above 5% for these years. Tourism also recovered after the end of combat operations in Iraq. Tunisia is gradually removing barriers to trade with the European Union. Broader privatization, further liberalization of the investment code to increase foreign investment, improvements in government efficiency, and reduction of the trade deficit are among the challenges ahead.

Private Guide in Tunis

Private Guide in Tunis - Moez

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Tunis, Djerba, Kairouan, Bulla Regia Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Arabic

Hello, my name is Moez. With over 20 years of experience working as a private guide in Tunis, I have had all types of tourists to work with and provided all kinds of tours you can imagine. From large corporate delegations visiting the fanciest locations to small family and individual Sahara trekking adventures, I tend to provide a broad spectrum of services one can request when visiting Tunisia. You can request any type of tours and I will make sure to tailor an adventure you were looking forward to enjoy.

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